How to exclude/ignore a directory from SVN?

I’m new to SVN and learning how to exclude a directory from svn for my project. If you have cache or session directory in your project, you might want to exclude those directory from SVN repo. SVN allow you to exclude directory from your repo by using the command “svn propset”.

To exclude a directory from SVN, follow the steps below:-


We are demonstrating how to exclude /home/myproject/cache_dir content from current repo. Assuming we already added cache_dir into repo earlier.

  • First, change directory to your working project directory.
    $ cd /home/myproject
  • We will need to delete project cache data from our svn first.
    /home/myproject/$ svn delete cache_dir/*
  • Next you call this command to exclude the directory from SVN:
    /home/myproject/$ svn propset svn:ignore '*' cache_dir/

    * please note that you must enter the * between 2 single quote. else it will not work.

  • Done. you just exclude cache_dir from your project repo

Credit: Heavymind

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4 Responses to “How to exclude/ignore a directory from SVN?”

  1. Nirin says:

    Thanks! Helped a lot!

  2. Jaime says:

    It has to be done before making a commit, thank you for making me remember this 😀

  3. chua says:

    do this at the client machine.

  4. Do I have to do this on the server or in the client station?

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