How to disable keyboard vibration in Android

androidKeyboard vibration in Android is a nice to have feature at least for me. You can disable the keyboard vibration in Android just few touch away. Furthermore, disable the keyboard vibration can save your battery and make it last longer!

To disable keyboard vibration in Android Phone, follow the steps below:-


  • Go to Home -> Settings -> Sound
  • Untick the “Haptic feedback” or “Vibrate Feedback” and your are done!

* Thanks to viral for your comment.

Some version of Android phone might the way below to disable keyboard vibration:-

  • Go to Home -> Settings -> Language and Keyboard
  • Select “Touch Input” or “Touch Input Chinese”
  • Look for item “Vibrate when typing” and un-tick it
  • Done. You just disable the keyboard vibration in your Android Phone!

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30 Responses to “How to disable keyboard vibration in Android”

  1. kanchan says:


  2. utkarsh says:

    Its not working on moto g

  3. meerab says:

    thank u chethan

  4. says:

    thank u soooo much

  5. santusantush says:

    thanks bro i am really impressed

  6. chua says:

    Thanks chethan for your sharing!

  7. chethan says:

    in Xperia
    language and input (under personalize tab)->
    xperia keyboard->select the settings option next to this->
    sound and vibration->
    uncheck vibration on keypress

  8. aad says:

    For micromax A-92

    Settings>language & Input > Android Keyboard (AOS)(right side) > Uncheck Vibrate on keypress

  9. Sujalkumar Shah says:


  10. sumit dahiya says:

    got to (in jelly bean) settings-user profiles-click on the right side of icon of general profile-uncheck all boxes

  11. rohan says:

    I have samsung grand quattro ..plz help me to enable touch vibrations everywhere .

  12. Daria says:

    I unticked the haptic feedback box but it still vibrates. Help? This problem occured after I installed the software update.

  13. Acurus says:

    Is there any way to disable Vibration while typing texts in Micromax canvas doodle A111???
    Provide your valuable feedback

  14. Chad says:

    The latest Android system update (4.1.2) has changed the way to resolve this. Go to System Settings > Language & Input > Click the settings icon to the right of “Android keyboard (AOSP)” > Deselect the check box next to “Vibrate on keypress”

  15. Abhey Sharma says:

    Well in my Karbonn A15 it goes like this :-
    » Go to Home -> Settings -> Language and input
    » Select “Touch Input” or “Touch Input on android default”
    » Look for item after a touch on default android keyboard “Vibrate on keypress” and un-tick it

  16. robert says:

    On my HTC one X + i actually want to Enable vibrate on touch. However i cannot tick this option as it is coloured grey… I m turning a bit desperate now… Hopefully you Guys can help me out!!

  17. Hiljaisuus says:

    Thanks, found the option, and turned it off. I have to say that, that stupid touch vibration was the most annoying feature on any mobile phone I have used.

  18. Barry says:

    Try Settings>Audio profiles> General> it can be in there

  19. Abhinav says:

    Thanks… it worked

  20. nica says:

    both are already unchecked but it still vibrates…. 🙁

  21. jco says:

    its true about the solutions you mentioned my friend but this is my problem. i have nowhere to look even at settings and menu i cant find the menu for vibration when i press my newly installed t12 soft keyboard that i downloaded from google store.this app has no setting for wihich you can disable annoys me everytime i compose and use the keyboard. pls help me

  22. viral says:

    in some phones, it’ll b like this
    home—>settings—–>sound settings—–>haptic feedback
    u just have to cancel the tick on haptic feedback,,,

  23. Jerry says:

    Thanks Michael, that fixed it for me!

  24. nikko says:

    thank you!

  25. Einnoi says:

    that’s a relief. someone actually answered the mind boggling question that i have been searching answers for. THANKS A BUNCH! great help. ^u^

  26. John says:

    it didn’t work at first for me but i did it again then it worked. thanks!

  27. Michael says:

    If you go to Settings > Sounds > Haptic Feedback (untick), this will disable the general vibrations which happen ‘when pressing soft keys and on certain UI interactions’.

    That might be what Annie was looking for.

  28. Annie says:

    I have done this and it did not work, is there another method to get rid of the vibration?

  29. Jason says:

    Thanks for the article. It did solve the problem and cleared my headache, but not sure if I can buy you a drink.

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