How to configure SSL in Outlook Express

You can configure outlook express to use SSL for communication. if your ISP block port 25, u can configure outlook to use SSL secure connection. Secure connection (SSL) provide a more secure way to manage your daily mail operation.

To configure SSL in Outlook express, follow the steps below:-


  • Go to Outlook Express -> Tools -> Account
  • click on Mail tab -> highlight your email account -> Properties
  • Click on “Advance” tab, Server Port No. for Outgoing Mail SMTP change to 465
  • Server Port No. for Incoming Mail POP3 change to 995
  • Check both the “This server require a secure connection (SSL)”
  • Click OK and Close the “Account” Window.
  • Done, your mail account will use secure connection for the mail operation

Now u can try to send your mail.
If you do not have any SSL certification, Outlook will prompt you for security trust, u just click on “Trust”.

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  1. tom says:

    Question- i just stopped my att dial up and started earthlink dsl and kept my att email address. in order to recieve my att emails i had to put an “I” infront of the pop3 incoming and outgoing mail name. what does the “I’ do.
    thank you for any info…..

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