How to open .mkv file in XP / Vista?

Recently friends ask me how to open .mkv file. I found some ways to open .mkv file in XP and Vista. Basically we need 3rd party plugin to open .mkv file. FYI, .mkv file is a open standard for video container.

To open .mkv file in xp or vista follow the steps below:-


  • Go to CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) Project page and download their CCCP Pack
  • Once downloaded, install to your computer, and restart your PC (i encounter some problem open .mkv file without restart the PC, so better restart)
  • Once restarted, you can open .mkv file by double clicking on it. (if it doesnt run, just drag the file to Window Media Player and it will play.)

Second way to open .mkv file is to download the plugin in Matroska homepage. However, i do not really recommend due to the complexity of the download page and basically it’s the same plugin as wat i mention above.

Anyway, let me share my experience, when i first landed on their download page, i do not know which plugin to download and end up testing one by one, worst part is i able to open .mkv file but the sound is not loud enough even i on my volume to max. So stick to the top solution and enjoy your video 🙂

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4 Responses to “How to open .mkv file in XP / Vista?”

  1. chua says:

    3 possibility:-
    – mkv codec outdated – try to update your mkv codec to latest version.
    – mkv file corrupted – redownload again
    – mkv player problem – try to use other mkv player

  2. Raghavan says:

    while opening a .mkv file my pc gets restarted?how to solve this?

  3. Jaguar says:

    Thanks and it worked.

  4. Nagasundaram says:

    Your article helped me to solve my problem. Thank you very much.

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