How to crop image in Mac OS X

macAnother friend ask me how to crop image in Mac OS X. Besides, he also mention he want to be able to crop image without buying any program. and I told him you can do this thru your Preview!

If you still remember, I wrote a post regarding how to resize image in Mac thru Preview. I also mention that Preview is able to do simple image processing task including image cropping.

To crop image in Mac OS X, follow the steps below:-


  • Open your Finder -> view the image using Preview
  • Hold down the “Select” button by mouse at the top toolbar of Preview and select the shape you want and start selecting the image
  • Once you have select the area to be crop, u can press Command + K and it will crop the image according to your selection. Or you can click on Tools -> Crop
  • Done, Preview will now show the image that you cropped, and now you can save the file by click on “File” -> “Save as”.

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8 Responses to “How to crop image in Mac OS X”

  1. Rhea says:

    Thank you!! Thank you!!! this tip is very helpful.

  2. Steve says:

    unfortunately, there is no possibility in cropping the image to a specifig height or width, which you can do with ms paint. I really miss this feature in Apple’s standard software package 🙁

  3. sointex says:

    Thank the lords of kobol you made this post easy and simple to read and find the information i so desperately needed. THANK YOU SO FRAKKING MUCH!

  4. Shani says:

    Or instead of clicking ‘Select’ simply hit ‘Command –> A’ (selects the entire photo) and you can move the margins to wherever you prefer, hence cropping the photo (for square/rectangular cropping).

  5. Kat W says:

    Thank you so so much for putting this guide up. I just wasted a ridiculous amount of time trying to find a simple piece of software to crop and resize images after photoshop decided to stop working. I was about to lose my mind before I read your post!

  6. chua says:

    Right click on the Toolbar of Preview and select “Customize Toolbar” check if u have those button if no then probably ur preview is old version that doesnt support this …

  7. nolan san says:

    there is no “move, select, or slideshow” options on my macbook pro, how do i get them back???

  8. Navin says:

    thanks alot.It was really helpful

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