Error number: 0x80070424 in Windows Update – Solution

I’ve encounter Error number: 0x80070424 in Windows Update on one of my PC. If you have 0x80070424 i guess you will not able to perform any windows update including using the windows update website. After googling a while i found that Error number: 0x80070424 in Windows Update is caused by some of the dll registration problem.

To solve the Error number: 0x80070424 in Windows Update follow the steps below:-


  • Click on Start -> Run
  • and paste the command below and enter


    This line use to reregistering WUAUENG.DLL in window.

  • You are done! Launch your windows update again, you should be able to perform update now.

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349 Responses to “Error number: 0x80070424 in Windows Update – Solution”

  1. Anis says:

    When I try it prompts me with the following; “The module “C\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WUAUENG.DLL” was loaded but the entry-point DllRegisterServer was not found.
    Make Sure that “C\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WUAUENG.DLL” is a valid DLL or OCX and then try again”.

  2. Lawson W. says:

    When I try it prompts me with the following; “The module “C\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WUAUENG.DLL” was loaded but the entry-point DllRegisterServer was not found.
    Make Sure that “C\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WUAUENG.DLL” is a valid DLL or OCX and then try again”.


  3. LC says:

    Thank you so much. I have been having the problem for long time.

  4. Jacco says:

    Brilliant! Thanks!

  5. Micks says:

    Hi, I got the same error number 0×80070424 but not with Windows Update, (Windows Update is working well) but yes, I get this number error with Windows Defender (when I try to turn it on):

    Windows Defender is Turned Off
    I click turn on and:
    “Windows Defender encounter an error: 0×80070424.
    The specified service does not exist as an installed

    Any suggestions please
    Win Vista Home premium

  6. priyank says:


  7. Soerensens says:

    Unbeliveable – one line fix it all. How I wish I started with this line first……wasted time without it.
    Lesson learned go first to

  8. Magnus says:

    If you get the error code 0×80070005 do the following, worked for me:

    Run the command prompt as Administrator. (Win – Type cmd – Right-Click and select Run as Administrator)

    then type regsvr32 WUAUENG.DLL

  9. Navazkhan says:

    Hi All,

    Click on Start -> Run
    and paste the command below and enter


    The above command only open that files.

    for registering the DLL you should use

    Click on Start -> Run

    regsvr32 wuaueng.dll


  10. Stella says:

    I bow

  11. hbert says:

    Started to update but got an error “WindowsUpdate_80246008” “WindowsUpdate_dt000”. Any suggestions. Appreciate your help.

  12. Danny says:

    Thanks alot, very helpful. I was worried i would have to return my copy of Dark Souls but that fixed the damn update problem, once again thank you for helping me and all of these other people.

  13. Davew says:

    THANKS! I’ve been fighting this error for 3 days. I owe you BIG time!

  14. Paul Oliver says:

    Excellent. i am running WinXP and have been fighting this non working windows update for the past week, and your one line DLL fix was a snap and worked wonderfully. THANK YOU!

  15. Paul Oliver says:

    Excellent. i am running WinXP and have been fighting this non working windows update for the past week, and your one line DLL fix was a snap and worked wonderfully. THANK YOU!

  16. Lianne Menas says:

    Would you recommend disconnecting your Internet connection while running an antivirus scan? The reason I ask is temp files are continuously being written to while browsing the Internet. Is it not feasible that something gets missed during the scan if you can’t disconnect your connection?

  17. Sam says:

    I tried this solution, but it says the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80070005

    What do I do?

  18. florin says:


  19. march says:

    u r a god

  20. Hassan says:

    Thanks it was so fast and fixed my problem

  21. Brett L says:

    Worked like a charm, was going crazy trying to fix this problem. You da man! Thanks so much

  22. Chelle says:

    It works, thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Pete says:

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. dman says:

    wow… that was easy… thanks

  25. Brian says:

    Worked! Damned virus/spyware goobered up a laptop, and I was able to fix everything but windows update. No issues any more; thanks tons!

  26. dave says:

    worked like a charm for this trouble, Microsoft solutions none worked. A run around, you are the one who should be working for them. There program said the file was in the wrong place,

  27. Leonardo Ratafia says:

    thanks a lot man!!! this is the solution!!!!

  28. Ruth T says:

    THANK YOU!!!! Worked great…amd sooo easy!

  29. Dima says:

    Thanks man

  30. Lisa says:

    I tried this but this is what i got
    the call to DllRegisterService failed with error code 0x80070005

  31. rian says:

    Simple. Gretaness. YOu the man,

  32. jsoh says:

    works!……msft “fixit program” didnt work…but this did….thank you!

  33. rogerweatherman says:

    Didn’t work. Got Error Message: Could not find ….( and I pasted it in…) So, the search continues. Must be something else on XP. Maybe System Restore….

  34. Leonard says:

    Thanks. Great info.

  35. David says:

    Thanks alot!! ran great!!

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    So easy, great fix

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    Worked on the first try. Thanks for the fix!

  38. Steph says:

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    if you have the 0×80070424 windows update error THIS is the solution to try out first WORKED FOR ME!

  40. Tim R. says:

    WOW.. after hunting high & low on the net for answers I found this solution and a few seconds later the problem is 100% fixed. Great job and many thanks

  41. Ron B says:

    Spent hours searching through Microsoft… went to Google, got here, ran your script, and it’s working!!!
    You are awesome!!! Thanks so much!!!

  42. Greg says:

    Looked for a long time on this… This worked… Thanks!

  43. Rusty. says:

    Thanks for the solution Worked Great!! After running around and executing all the different kind of FIX IT programs from Microsoft website. This was the easiest and it worked.

    Thanks Once Again

  44. michele says:

    this really, really works – unbelieveably fast – thank you so much – I was skeptical – had my computer genius friend give me the thumbs up on you guys and within 2 seconds program succeeded and I was once again downloading updates — THANK YOU!!!!

  45. Akivasha says:

    Thank you so much this has helped my issue with updating my Security Essentials

  46. Rahul says:

    Great stip ..

  47. Don Holsten says:

    Major Thanks! Same problem with that 2010 virus and yours is the easiest solution! What a genius!

  48. Jonathan M says:

    Can’t thank you enough. Hallelujah I found this site. Great Job Guys..!

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    Thank you so much for posting this page with a solution that works! Much appreciated! Thanks again!!

  52. Zagreth says:

    Thank you! Worked pefectly after the horrible XP Antivirus 2012 malware.

  53. pablo says:

    Worked in 1 second. spent a lot of time searching and even using Microsoft Fix it…which failed. Excellent tip. Thank you!

  54. Caligal says:

    TY so much. I’ve been trying to get updates plus a prob with searches for 3 days. I even paid MS to get this fixed. I don’t know why I didn’t check the error number but it escaped me until today. I did a copy and paste and everything cleared up. TYTYTYTYTYTY

  55. Stu Mills says:

    Worked like a charm !!!!!

  56. Doug says:

    I used this tool for the SECOND time in 5 months due to XP Antivirus 2012 malware. I now have this saved into my Favorites menu so it will be easy to find next time…. as well as rkill and Malwarebytes on a flash drive so it takes less than 5 minutes to clear everything up. Thank you Google for allowing viruses to run rampant while doing a simple search for a stupid phone number! 🙂

  57. PPdiy says:

    Like all the above – its worked for me
    Thanks very much

  58. tech. guy says:

    all you have to to is get into the command prompt then type regsvr32 wuaueng.dll

    then type enter

    bam if it succeeded it works…..

  59. ciro says:

    !! FUNCIONA!! gracias, después de mucho andar ya se peude actualizar el win updatey el security essencial. GRACIAS.

  60. jaju says:

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    Mine is
    Windows XP sp3
    Media Center

  61. J.French says:

    Thanks for the techtip.Worked great and it is much appreciated.Microsoft was unhable to help.
    Keep posting solutions like this. It is most helpful for people with very little technical know how.

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    Best. Advice. Ever. Have been trying to make this happen all day, and at the end – so easy! Thank you so much. Techiecorner rocks!!

  64. alex says:

    Fantastic, for teh same razon, the windows security esenctial, cant update , it was solved, thanks so much

  65. hiam araj says:

    fantastic, it worked with me within seconds. thank you so much.

  66. Jeff says:

    After searching and trying many things, this finally allowed me to install windows live sign in assistant so that i could ACTUALLY play Bulletstorm. THANK YOU so much. I was getting extremely frustrated.

  67. LorriTiger243 says:

    Well that worked. Yay!

    Maybe eventually all remnants of the trojan I got 9 months ago will be gone…

  68. Malibu says:

    I’m a new fan, thanks

  69. FrankL says:

    It worked. Thanks so much. Microsoft tools, diagnostics, website ….. are worthless. An Internet Explorer is a Monopoly.

  70. Nathan says:

    Thanks it worked!!!

  71. dahveed says:

    This solution worked great… my system had been infected by a very persistent trojan, ‘Win32/Sirefef’ that turned off my Windows Firewall, Automatic Updates and corrupted my rundll32.exe file so that almost none of my applications or control panel features worked.
    After a thorough cleaning in Safe Mode using my antivirus software, the last little thing that was causing me a problem was not being able to install any Windows updates.
    Thank you again for your quick, easy registry fix…!

  72. cantstopfishing says:

    Thanks very much. I have never seen techiecorner before. You have helped me fix what no one else could. Cheers!

  73. 3rdJohn11 says:

    I had this problem and Microsoft was no help…another poster at the Answers page suggested this website…it worked great in under a minute! Thanks much..

  74. YUPYUP says:

    This solution worked after having gotten rid of an Antivirus 2012 infection. Thanks.

  75. cdent4 says:

    Thanks for the techtip. Microsoft’s website couldn’t even help me figure this one out! You’re doing the internet a great service by posting helpful tips like this!

  76. Sky Walker says:

    Thanks! Worked great! Microsoft website and paid support was unable to help though. 😉

  77. Sky Walker says:

    P.S. I was at Microsoft site and also called Microsoft support (paid them $60) and they were unable to help! What losers those bill gates microsoft are… Thank you Techiecorner!

  78. Sky Walker says:

    It worked! Thanks very much!

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    Outstanding! worked perfect

  81. Doug says:

    Wow! Like everybody else, the Microsoft fixes didn’t work for me either. I “caught” the XP Antivirus 2011 virus 6 months ago, and Windows Update hasn’t worked since. Your command line was a little confusing, so I took a chance…

    People… just copy and paste both lines as one action… all of the fix fits onto one line on the start>run prompt. This fix works in 2 seconds. When I went back to Windows Update, it was already turned back on!!!! Now, I’ll download 6 months worth of updates!!!

    Thanks again!!!!

  82. Ole says:

    Amazing – Thanks!

  83. chris says:

    That was amazing.

    Not even the fix tool thst Microsoft offered fixed this error. this error has been going on for a year… thanks a bunch!

  84. aussietommy says:

    Fantastic works perfectly — thanks heaps for sharing this fix

  85. Mark says:

    Worked like a charm – thanks a lot!!!

  86. cglrcng says:

    You are a hero, tried 20 different MS fixes, copied pasted this one and now updating again…TY!

  87. Joe says:

    Nice, that worked like a charm, thanks a ton!!!

  88. mike says:

    Excellent guidance. Thanks

  89. Emma says:

    No luck at first, but then typed in the second part (%SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\WUAUENG.DLL) and fingers crossed, things seem to be happening now ! Thanks 🙂

  90. Anthony says:

    Wow, it works…don’t know how u figure this out…thanks 🙂

  91. Jeremy says:

    Hm… I’m not having the same luck. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Just copy and paste the first of the 2 lines, right? What’s the second for?


  92. FK says:

    Hey, seems like this has helped everyone but me .. Please help, it’s been months now ..On my windows vista 64bit it doesn’t run. And I can’t update yet!

  93. Mark says:

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    Every other fix I tried failed. This one nailed it!!

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    On my windows vista 64bit it doesn’t run. And I can’t update yet!

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    INSTTANT fix for a something I’ve been working on for at least three bench hours!!!

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    Afetr trying all sorts of other recommendations, that did the trick. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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    thx so much!

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    Thanks, this also worked for me after I tried quite a few things. oh and Pauline you paste in the whole command in one part

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    Thanks so much!!! just tried everything again (after several months) on microsoft as well as its “fit-it” and nothing. Found yours , copied and paste and presto fix right away. Thanks again!!!!

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    Oh YAY thank you soooo much. This worked immediately and to think before trying this I was debating tossing the computer into the pool lol.

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    After pursuing a number of other fixes, this was the solution that nailed the 0x80070424 error. Many many thanks to the OP!

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    Wow! Worked immediately. You are smarter than the whole Microsoft corporation, who was unable to provide any meaningful help.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    After years (over a decade now) of advanced Windows use it is still unbelievable to me that Windows spits out these errors and there is apparently no direct route to find a solution like this on their website. After many wild goose chases your solution was the bomb! Thanks for sharing.

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    It worked for me too! I thought I was going to spend the rest of my evening trying to fix our PC and it took less than a minute! Thank you so much!

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    Hi do i copy and paste the whole thing or in 2 parts ?? %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\REGSVR32.EXE %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\WUAUENG.DLL sorry i must just be thick lol

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    That worked perfect… Thank you for this information. I was working on a client’s Sony desktop (P4 3GHz 1G RAM) that could not update MSE or Windows Updates. I Googled the error code and this article was the first result. It took me less than a minute to fix it and start updates. I really appreciate it!

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    A thousand thousand thanks for this fix, which as Tony says you deserve a medal for also saving victims from some suspicious little $30 program called error end which on googling up the 0x80070424 error was returned in the results. “No thanks.” Even the guy who built this box was stumped, and after having suffered the worst virus/trojan invasion of my computer in over 10 years all update facilities were completely disabled, and even system restore didn’t work. I could just hear the hackers hooting over their latest prize, ready to stream through the broken gate and do their dirty worst to my innocent computer. But like the lady said, “No more he’s not!” With all indicators now green I can happily [and more cautiously] go about my online business. Everyone who has used this method should pass the word around about this marvelous little corner whence they got it, consider buying the man a drink – “I know I will!” – and, most importantly, keep as vigilant security as possible and tread carefully through this cyber-minefield with its many dangers. Happy computing to all, and to all a good byte!

  228. roger medina says:

    Wow! I was skeptical at first but this did it after I tried all the steps on the Microsoft site and nothing worked! Thanks a millions!

  229. Rob says:

    Bless you!!! If anyone knows who created the “XP Security 2011” garbage, please let me know, I would love to express my “appreciation” for the hassle his creation caused me. Some time in ICU may modify his desire to create further similar crap.

  230. Michael says:

    I had this same problem and spent hours looking for a solution. Microsoft were of no help. This fix though was simple and worked immediately…….many thanks indeed.

  231. ME!!! says:

    You are the man!!!(or maybe a woman!!) either way thanks so !#%!%# much!

  232. Bryan says:

    That worked almost too easy. You’re the man.

  233. Jeff says:

    Wow….awesome. Such an easy fix….thanks!

  234. adw main says:

    OMFG! that worked!
    i have had the problem the last 2 days. i have tryed so many downloads, & nothing has worked. i did registry clean, cleared cookies history etc. tryed a bunch of stuff – not succesesfull.

    i called a computer repair company who came out & basiclly said my computer is screwd & will need another one. the labour & work involved would heavily out weigh the charge to fix it. they did dick all – all they did wwas run malaware.

    i asked them repeatedly there must be a way to fix it. no nope not was there answer unless i wanted to spend at least $ 300 – $ 400 in labour dumoing my computer & re loading it. this did not make sense to me as they brought a computer with them to the repair. wtf? eh?

    anyways long storey short – found this site & wolla! woooo hoooo! it is working absolutly amazing!

    tryed updaing severl times & is working.

    who ever you are —— you are the best & a big THANK YOU! from langley bc canada! freaking eh! baby! 😀

  235. Robbie says:

    This worked great, just took a moment to copy and paste.
    Can’t thank you enough, i’ve been looking for a solution for ages. mircosoft are rubbish.
    Thankyou thankyou thankyou 😀

  236. tucker says:

    thanks for the info, i’ve been looking for a fix since last night, had the bug windows security 2011, finally got rid of it then updates wouldn’t run. the run procedure worked. thanks for the help….

  237. Mark says:

    The worked perfectly. Spent time on many websites/forums doing all kinds of convoluted solutions. This is all I needed.


  238. John says:

    Awesome. Thanks so much.

  239. manu says:

    thanx gr8 to the point solution.

  240. Tony says:

    That worked out great….
    Thank You Very Much.

  241. Ryan says:

    Saw error on screen.


    Copy and pasted your command into run box on a user’s computer.

    Fixed issue.

    Took 1 minute.

    I love you.

  242. Jamie says:

    Thanks so much…the Microsoft help site just get you lost….this worked seamlessly.

  243. Klavier says:

    Awesome solution. It took me 3 seconds to find your solution and 2 to implemented.

    My client is happy again.


  244. Eric says:

    Works very well…very simple fix.


  245. StephanieG says:

    Wow, worked right away!!!! I (and my boss) thank you.

  246. jc says:

    I can’t believe the solution was this easy and straightforward. I spent hours trying to solve this and downloading fix after fix that didn’t work. This worked.

  247. snakeroo says:

    Yay, after somehow contracting the Windows XP fake Security virus and eliminating it with MBAM, I was still left with not being able to re-enable my updates. But this did the trick. Thanks!

  248. A Henderson says:

    Thanks. I was dying here. Big Help

  249. Tony London UK says:

    THANKS FOR THE SCRIPT – It’s totally brilliant

    I recently had a nasty virus on my XP – after 4 hours hard slog I managed to rid myself of it but with the exception that the windows update was showing ‘Error number: 0x80070424’ and my windows security settings were showing as turned off – both are now corrected thanks to this little ‘paste the command’ fix.

    whoever you are, you need a medal for services to us frustrated XP users

    while I’m here – if anyone has inadvertently loaded a virus from a website which shows itself as a working ‘rouge’ scanner and if your system restore is not finalizing correctly – try this method to rid yourself of the little blighter.

    1 – open computer in safe mode – make a ‘new’ user name via CONTROL PANEL/USER ACCOUNT- remember to tick administrator rights for this ‘new’ user name
    2 – restart computer as normal start up
    3 – select the ‘new’ name from the different users that are now listed
    4 – a basic windows desktop should appear but the ‘rouge’ scanner should NOT be active –
    5 – now try system re store to an earlier date and restart the computer
    6 – IF RESTORE WAS SUCCESSFUL on start up remember to select your ‘original’ user name this time round – if the rouge scanner has gone your system restore has worked. Congratulations

    If system restore failed

    repeat parts 1-4 then
    5 – while on your ‘new’ user desktop – navigate to the folder or desktop where you can activate your ‘original’ users onboard virus/malware scanners. Remember that while you are actually logged on as the ‘new’ user, you do have administrator rights that allow access to your ‘original’ user names anti virus programs. Try finding them via C/Documents and Settings/ the FOLDER WITH YOUR ORIGINAL USER NAME ie Owner/ the FOLDER where you initiate you anti virus scanners ie Desktop
    6 – try to open, update and the run your anti virus scanners
    7 – if you’re lucky, the scanners should locate any malware in your registry
    8 – now restart your computer as normal
    9 – on restart, Open as the’NEW’ user
    10 – Now try system restore to a safe date before you were infected
    11 – if system restore is successful, you should now select your ‘original’ user name to see if the ‘rouge scanner’ has gone from your desktop
    12 – if everything is OK – Congratulations, you can now delete the ‘new’ user name via CONTROL PANEL/USER ACCOUNT and revert back to your original user name as normal (making sure it has administration rights ‘ticked’ of course)


  250. bob says:

    finally!. It took 3 daysto find and 1 minute to fix . Thanks Alot

  251. Larry says:

    Thanks for the quick fix! Worked great!

  252. Saleem says:

    Very short and focused solution you gave me. Thnak you very much.

  253. Chris says:

    I was a little leary of using this at first, but I really couldn’t figure out anything else to do so I just did it, and it worked! It is updating now as I write. Thanks so much.

  254. George says:

    Thanks, this was an easy fix. Saved me time and money.

  255. TiTo says:


    All help forums should be this straigt forward.

  256. Neil says:

    Thanks mate – short and to the point solution that worked perfectly. Ta

  257. Jim says:


    Tried all kinds of fixes and they didn’t work until this one.

    Thanks again.


  258. Mike says:

    This works great….
    I am so happy it worked on my windows xp.Update is up and running now.
    GREAT FIND!!!!!

  259. Mike says:

    works great, thanks very much.

  260. KAL says:

    Thank you so much for helping me solve this issue. I thought I would have to re-format and start over. That would have been a big inconvenience. Again, thanks for your help!

  261. Danny says:

    Thanks , OMG, this fixed my problem in one minute!!!!!! Damn fake security suite virus is a beeatch!!!!

  262. QMAC says:

    Code works perfectly!!!

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  264. Colorado_al says:

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  269. Dazza says:

    Thank you so much….it was an annoying problem all started by the trojan virus XP Windows Security bogus shite… This works and enables the Windows Security updates again! Cheers 🙂

  270. javelin200 says:

    Just commenting to let people know that it worked for me as well. The code is legit.

  271. kitcat says:

    This worked perfectly, thank you so much! My problem happened after managing to remove the XP Internet Security 2011 bug.

  272. Heather says:

    Ok, my prodigious buddy, it gives me a DIFFERENT error, 80070005!! What now? I would love to hear from you, but do understand if this stupid ASUS I wasted my money on just hates doing anything right. =)

  273. Lu says:

    You lifesaver! Worked perfectly 🙂

  274. quietthyme says:

    fast and fantastic, I had been working on this for a couple of hours and tried all microsoft’s “fixes”
    yours worked in SECOUNDS. AMAZING! Thanks

  275. David says:

    Perfect fix to the aftermath of the anti-XP spyware malware. I tried many things, but this solution worked perfectly. Thanks.

  276. chua says:

    Thanks Jose!

  277. Dan says:

    Thanks! Fixed the issue!

  278. jose diablo says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I had a virus yesterday called XP Security (unregistered) or something to that effect. My son gaveme the link to combo fix. Did that, then used malawarebytes to scan and remove 3 infected files. But was unable to access windows update website or automatic mode. Pasted the message I received on google and found a site that had your URl. Used your advice and VOILA!! Fixed. You guys are the best. I must tell my son about your website.

  279. Jenny says:

    Tried everything to get updates to work, copied & pasted the error into search on mircosoft page arrived here, did as you said BINGO it was fixed. I had been trying to fix it for hours. Thank You so much

  280. sputtertoo says:

    Thanks man! This was a quick fix after a long day of cleaning up some malware. Thanks!

  281. Garin says:

    Perfect, thank you very much. BTW: this seems to occur after virus infection then eradication, especially of the XP Total Security 2011 sort – or any variation thereof, it seems…

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  291. Thanks, Thanks, I appreciated it.

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  293. Dawn says:

    thanks for your help. This is the only site that actually worked for me! Ive gotten several rogue viruses the past couple weeks thats been takin over my computer system reg and files screwin everything up!…everything I tried manually didnt work now I feel a little safer browsing the internet now i need to work on the hidden virus files and fix errors

  294. Mohamed says:

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  298. chua says:

    avast seems to have problem with Vista.
    already having many users reported that their window vista having problem with avast…

  299. Antim says:

    I have tried all and neither one is working so far. I have Win Vista 64bits and I am running Avast 5.0, however, since I can not do the Windows Updates since October 26,2010, my Avast is also not working proprely. Does anyone have a solution for this.

    Thank you.

  300. mary says:

    worked for me. Running winxp home on an hp pavillion dv4000.

  301. Eddy says:

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    Worked, been looking for a soloution for ages! Thanks!

  305. sunbulaj says:

    I have windows vista 64 and simply registering the dll files did not work for me. I was missing the “windows Modules installer”. I found this page and followed the instructions under scenario III.

  306. Jørn says:

    paste in
    regsvr32.exe wuaueng.dll

    worked for me 🙂

  307. juli says:

    still not working…pls i need help..

  308. Antonio says:

    nothing works for me the error is still there im on vista x64 sp1

  309. paul brookhouse says:

    if none of these work, i found a fix that does it for me…… open security centre, and click ‘change settings’…. uncheck the box marked ‘use microsoft update’ and confirm the change. run update, then go back and re-apply the software by clicking the yellow box which offers updates on other products. i’m on vista ultimate pro sp1, and this is the only fix i found anywhere that actually works…. there’s also the plus point that anyone can do it, using the vista platform rather than the ‘semi-code’ in the background.

  310. jun says:

    this thing works for me! to vista users, try open start, all programs, accesories, right click command prompt and open as administrator, copy- paste the command given in the solution and press enter. GOD bless.

  311. chris says:

    worked for me:D
    thanks 🙂

  312. Indudhar says:

    > Click Start
    > Choose Run
    > Type regsvr32.exe wuaueng.dll
    > Click OK

    100% Working 4 me

  313. Char says:

    This failed at first. I disabled UAC, Rebooted and tried your fix. It worked perfectly. Thanks!

  314. zbd says:

    does not help at all. still get error 80070424 and 8007005.
    does anyone know how to fix this?

  315. SirKerz says:

    Just got my reply from Microsoft

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for your email about issues with Windows Updates.

    I am sorry to hear that you are unable to download Updates. There are a number of ways that you can obtain technical information and support from our team.

    A useful resource is the Knowledge Base on our website, where we have published a large collection of articles and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our products. You can access it by going to;

    You can also go online and visit our Newsgroup to post your technical question at the following website, or alternatively chat with one of our Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs);

    If you do not find the answer that you are looking for or wish to discuss alternative support options, please call our Customer Services team on 0870 60 10 100. Our lines are open from 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. These support options can also be viewed at;

    Thank you for getting in touch.

    Kind regards,


    Customer Service Professional

    Microsoft Customer Services

  316. don hype says:

    none of this woreked i tried everything plz help me

  317. SirKerz says:

    tried this also:

    And still does not work!!!
    I am now in contact with Microsoft and awaiting a reply……….

  318. SirKerz says:

    Disabled firewall and tried again still did not work

  319. SirKerz says:

    mine still does not work!!
    Running CMD.EXE as administrator and pasting %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\REGSVR32.EXE %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\WUAUENG.DLL
    little box appears and tell me it was successfull, then try to run update but still get same error:
    Code80070424 Windows Update encountered an unknown error

    PS: running vista 64 service pack 1

  320. Tyrant917 says:

    If you’ve ever had Symantec / Norton Antivirus on your system and it was not uninstalled cleanly, it could create this error. Try downloading and running the Norton Uninstaller Tool. If you’re not sure if you’ve ever had Symantec on your system, run regedit and search for the word “Symantec”. If there are registry entries, it’s likely it was on your system at one point. After trying all the things others recommend without success, this is the solution I figured out that worked for me.

  321. dbits says:

    fantastic! thanks a mill JACkeL; I’ve been trying to fix this for weeks.

  322. Greg says:

    Awesome. Worked like a charm as soon as I typed it in (used same line without editing for my copy of XP Pro x64).

  323. JR says:

    JACkel, thx a bunch! The (left ;))ctrl och shift thingy worked great!!

  324. SUMIT says:

    thnx a lot guys running the commands in the command prompt as administrator worked for me only the command that i used was
    regsvr32.exe wuaueng.dll

  325. chua says:

    Elizabeth: not so sure about this, but should be the same. You can give a try.

  326. Elizabeth Hall says:

    My system is 64 bits and I’m wondering do I use the same thing and just substitute the 64?


  327. JACkeL says:

    I had the same error code (0x80070005) until , as Cypher above stated, I ran the command in the Command Prompt under Administrator.

    To run the Command Prompt in Admin, you need to type CMD.EXE in the Start Search box and then, while simultaneously holding down the RIGHT-CTRL and RIGHT-SHIFT buttons, hit the ENTER button.

    A dialog box will then appear that asks you if you would like to continue, which you do and therefore you will then press the continue button in the dialog box.

    The Command Prompt now appears and it is being run as Admin. Type in the command stated above (i.e. %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\REGSVR32.EXE %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\WUAUENG.DLL) and another dialog box will appear that will tell you that you successfully registered the WUAUENG.DLL.

  328. shashank says:

    it is not working dll is loading but the call to register server failed with error code 0x80070005

  329. Tim R says:

    thank you so much! looked at a few different websites that DID NOT help me at all. I’ll buy you a drink if i run into you at a bar…lol

  330. Cypher says:


    works YOU MUST – RUN CMD.EXE as admin then paste the above in

  331. feilong says:

    hi man thx it works

  332. Chris says:

    FIX FOR 0x80070005!!!

    I just tried opening up the command prompt (as admin) and entered the commands they told you run with a space where the line break is and it worked fine for me..

  333. Gerardo says:

    when i plug it in the following message appears: The Module “C;\Windows\SYSTEM32\WUAUENG.DLL” was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80070005
    how can i fix this?

  334. Adil says:

    Thanks a worked 🙂

  335. Caspar says:

    Big thanks! Works perfectly again.

  336. Belal says:

    Thanx a lot man…………..
    its working perfectly
    ur the one !! (*_*)

  337. RedStar says:

    I am using windows vista as well and I tried entering in the command, bu I got the error: The module C:\Windows\System32\wuaueng.dll was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80070005. Please help.

  338. It worked fine for me.

  339. airwolf says:

    did nothing for me iam using vista 32 bit
    i get a error saying not a commad

  340. alex says:

    yuhuuu, many thanks, my updates are working again.


  341. Charles Watkinson says:

    did that but then got the message error with the DllRegistrerServer error code 0×80070005…

    Any fix for this?

  342. Jimmy Munoz says:

    Worked perfect! You are the man!!!

  343. Alvareta says:

    After I do that another message pops. It says that it has ocurred an error with the DllRegistrerServer error code 0x80070005

  344. ShadowDragoon says:

    It didn’t work for me. The command went through okay, but it still won’t let me do updates.

  345. Henk says:

    Thanks, but it only helps one time, after a restart the problem is back.

  346. chris says:

    Thanks for finding this solution now the red x is gone my updates are back on and I don’t get the error message.

  347. Mark says:

    That works for me until I hibernate or restart my computer, then it goes back. Any Ideas?

  348. Rudi says:

    It workt for me. Thanks.

  349. […] mi chiamò per segnalarmi questo errore 0×80070424 durante l’update di Windows. Su Techiecorner trovo una soluzione che, in questo caso particolare, ha […]

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