Useful Win XP Command Line command

winxp, windows xp, microsoft windows xp, boost windows performance, tune xp performance As microsoft windows become more and more user friendly, people tend to forget how to call a specific command from a command line. here are the list of command that i always use at the Run Command. You can perform your task faster if you know the exact command 🙂


  • cmd – Command Prompt
  • dxdiag – Direct X Diagnostic Tools
  • ipconfig /flushdns – IP Configuration (Delete DNS Cache Contents)
  • control netconnections – Network and Dial up Connection
  • msconfig – System Configuration Utility
  • notepad – Notepad
  • regedit – Registry Editor
  • services.msc – Service
  • shutdown – Shutdown computer
  • tracert (hostname or IP) – Trace Route
  • winmine – Minesweeper Game
  • wupdmgr – Windows Update Launches
  • write – Wordpad

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5 Responses to “Useful Win XP Command Line command”

  1. jack says:

    appwiz.cpl missed abive

  2. phyolwin says:

    winver window version
    %temp% tempoart files
    %systemroot% system file
    mspaint microsoft paint
    winword microsoft word
    excel microsoft excel
    firefox mozilla firefox
    appwiz.cpl add or remove
    calc calculater
    iexplore internet explorer
    ncpa.cpl network connection

  3. earl-ku says:

    u left out some

    shutdown -s -t (time in seconds)
    shutdown -a -> to abort shutdown
    useful when u wanna download something with firefox and wans to allow a timed shutdown, crude, but useful

    haha and i use notepad, coz thats the only built in text editor, wordpad is not a text editor

  4. chua says:

    tat’s very useful for me when i feel bore after writting few hundred lines of code :p

  5. Alan says:

    How exactly is winmine a useful command?

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