How to disable balloon notification in Windows XP

winxp, windows xp, microsoft windows xp, boost windows performance, tune xp performance Sometimes notification are good to remind you if you forget something,
if the notification keep prompt you for something then it’s a bit frustrating.
It’s just like the balloon notification in microsoft windows xp.

To disable balloon notification in win xp, simply follow the steps below:-


– Click Start => Run => enter regedit
– Look for HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advance
– create a DWORD value (or edit it if it’s already exists) named EnableBalloonTips with value 0
– Click registry editor
– Log off win xp and login again.

The balloon notification should be disable by now

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7 Responses to “How to disable balloon notification in Windows XP”

  1. Alm says:

    Doesn’t work. Still getting same information balloons when hovering cursor over some file or button (this is OK), and the following – VERY annoying:
    When I turn DSL modem On, I’m getting 3 balloons, one by one, all 3 useless:
    1) LAN is connected 100 Mb/s (false, not connected yet).
    2) LAN cable is unplugged (false, cable always plugged in).
    3) LAN is connected (false, not connected for another 20 seconds until modem finished warm-up process and it’s not 100 Mb/s).

  2. Thomas says:

    Great tweak, works!!

    P.S. Unfortuanelly some programs (e.g. voipcheap) are still able to pop annoying balloon tips…

  3. lawrence says:

    This doesn’t what I need it to do.

    I am trying to prevent XP pro from displaying a description about ALL and ANY item, whenever I hover my mouse pointer over it.

    Example. Mouse over outlook icon on quicklaunch, result large description appears.

    Example, mouse over google search box and box appears to tell me that this is the search box.

    How do I stop this stuff?

  4. mel says:

    that’s nice but I only want to disable for firewall and NOT everything.

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  7. TecnoCHICA says:

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