How to screenshot in Window 8.1?

Windows-8-1Another tutorial about how to screenshot but this round we are at Window 8.1 platform. For those user who are previously using Window XP, Window 8.1 provide a new way of print screen that helps to save the screenshot directly to a file instead of copy and paste the image from clipboard to Paint and etc. Although this feature has been available for Mac OS X since long time ago, giving this feature to user really save a lot of unnecessary time!

There are several option to take a screenshot in Window 8.1:-


  • To take a normal screenshot :-
    • Press the Print Screen key at your keyboard
    • Once pressed, you can press CTRL + V to paste your image at Word, Power Point, Paint or any where you like
  • To take a screenshot and automatically save it to a file:-
    • Press the Window Logo Key + Print Screen key at your keyboard
    • Once done, you can find your screenshot file at folder “This PC/Pictures/Screenshots”

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