Win10 How to logout from Network Share?

If you using network folder or printer, your might encounter some scenario that you might want to logout from the current connected network and reconnect again. This might due to change of user privileges from the connected server, reconnect to the same network folder using different user or etc. I just encounter the change of user privileges from server and it get me more than an hour to figure our how to logout from network share. To benefit everyone, i’ve document down the solution here.

For those who want to logout from network share follow the steps below:-


  1. Right click on Window button and select PowerShell (Admin)
  2. type ‘net use’ and enter, it will list out all the network path that you are currently connected
  3. determine the path (eg: \\somenetworkpath/folder ) that you want to logout
  4. now type ‘net use \\somenetworkpath\folder /DELETE’ and enter
  5. System should now log you out from the network.


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