How to disable firewall in Microsoft Windows XP SP2

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If you have your own firewall software, you can disable window firewall which come with XP SP2. Disable firewall in window xp is quite simple, just follow the steps below and you will get your firewall disable:-


  • Click Start -> Setting -> Control Panel -> Security Center
  • Under Manage security setting for: Click on Windows Firewall then Window Firewall dialog will pop up
  • Under General tab, click on Off (not recommended) and click OK
  • Your firewall should be disabed by now.

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You will see the balloon above once you disable window firewall

After this you will see the balloon notification pop up saying your firewall has been disable. To get rid of that balloon notification by follow the steps below:-

  • Click Start -> Setting -> Control Panel -> Security Center
  • You will see Firewall is Off and Click on the Recommendations button at the Firewall section
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  • Check I’ve a firewall solution that I’ll monitor myself… and Click OK
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  • Your firewall balloon notification should be disabled by now.

If you wish to disable ALL balloon notification, you might want to read my previous post – How to Disable Balloon Notification in Window XP

Note: if you do not have your own firewall system, it’s not recommended to disable firewall in window xp. Disable window firewall might let your computer expose to hacker attack.

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4 Responses to “How to disable firewall in Microsoft Windows XP SP2”

  1. Cee says:

    It didn’t work for me, can you give us some more information?

  2. StevenX says:

    I can’t turn off Windows Firewall in my XP computer…the “off” and “on” are light-grayed out, “on” is selected and “off” will not select. ???

  3. mazaaagy says:

    u r a big loser it’s useless

  4. Joy says:

    My situation is
    Corporate firewall
    No need for individual firewall
    Can get the IT person to turn off the firewall like you have described and the balloon notification
    But: when a new person logs into the system for the first time, there is an Alarm/Notification: “Your Computer may be at risk…”. If the new user clicks in quickly he/she can still see the firewall settings page that lets him/her turn it on again. Which will interfere with our applications.

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