Show Desktop Shortcut in Window 7

ms window 7, ms win 7, win 7I notice Show Desktop shortcut is missing when Window 7 started. After 15 min of clicking, i found the Show Desktop shortcut in Window 7. The Show Desktop Shortcut in Window 7 is located at the bottom right of the screen!


  • Just move your mouse to the bottom right, there is a little small button.
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  • That is the Show Desktop button, of course click on it will show the desktop. Funny thing is, if you stop your mouse pointer on top of the button for 2 sec, it will transparent all the application window and let you see thru the desktop. This is a new features call “Aero Peek”

The alternative way to have Show Desktop Shortcut effect is using keyboard shortcut.
The shortcut key for show desktop is still the same:-
Press Window + D

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2 Responses to “Show Desktop Shortcut in Window 7”

  1. Reza says:

    Thank you Popoy ! your other solution’s ROCKS!

  2. popoy says:

    a other solution
    On a vacuum of the Desktop, click-right, to select New, then Shortened In the place of the element, to copy to stick %SystemRoot% \explorer.exe %APPDATA% \Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Shows Desktop.lnk may click on Following to Type Desktop for the name of the shortcut and to click Finish click-right on the new icon Desktop and to select Properties In the Shortened tab, to click to Change icon In the frame to Look for icons in this file, to copy to stick %SystemRoot% \system32\imageres.dll and to click on OK.
    To select the icon of it Desktop and to validate by OK In the Properties, the new icon appears. To click to Apply The new shortcut Desktop is created.
    Of a click-right on this shortcut , to click to Pin in the Taskbar and we can position it where you want

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