Enchance Your WinXP performance by disable error reporting service

winxp, windows xp, microsoft windows xp, boost windows performance, tune xp performanceIt’s annoying to have to click the “Do not send” box everytime a program crashes after killing it using the task manager.

To disable the annoying message, just follow the steps below:-


– right click on my computer, click on Properties
– click on the advanced tab
– click on error reporting
– disable error reporting

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2 Responses to “Enchance Your WinXP performance by disable error reporting service”

  1. Douglas says:

    Beside this, I think you also need to stop the services in services.msc there.
    Although you had stop the service by the instruction you show in above, when you go to services.msc there, the Error Reporting Service is still in Start Mode. So you need to disable it in services.msc there.

  2. err says:

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