Win XP Increasing System Performance by disable paging

winxp, windows xp, microsoft windows xp, boost windows performance, tune xp performance If you have more than 1 GB RAM, you can force your windows xp to load the kernel in your RAM. This will speed up your windows performance tremendously! If computer instruction process in RAM is far more faster than hard disk.

DO NOT try this on low memory system!


– Click on Start => Run => type regedit and enter
– Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\ Control\ Session Manager\ Memory Management\ DisablePagingExecutive
– Set the value to be 1
– Reboot the computer

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2 Responses to “Win XP Increasing System Performance by disable paging”

  1. Larry Miller says:

    This setting effects only a small portion of the kernel known as the executive. Even without this setting the system will attempt to keep this in RAM whenever possible, paging it out only under heavy memory pressure. This setting prevents this from happening. If you have 1GB or more RAM this setting will do essentially nothing.

    Larry Miller
    Microsoft MCSA

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