How to open .iso file on Ms Windows?

Many friends ask me about how to open .iso file? There are several way to open .iso file. I’ll introduce 2 methods to open .iso file on ms windows.

Actually we call .iso as ISO image and it’s contain a lot’s of file inside one .iso file. ISO file is used to store data in CD ROM.

Method 1: How to open .iso file with WinRaR?


  • Download and install WinRaR.
  • Once WinRaR installed, you open .iso file with WinRaR
  • Start WinRaR and drag your .iso file to it and you will be able to extract it as normal zip file.

Method 2: How to open .iso file with Daemon Tools?

  • Download and install Daemon Tools
  • Start Daemon Tools once it is installed.
  • Once started, you will see new icon at your system tray
  • Right click on the Daemon Tools icon at system tray and select “Virtual CD/DVD ROM” -> “Set number of devices” -> “1 drive”
  • Once select, it will process for while.
  • After processed, Left Click on the Daemon Tools, select “Device 0: No Media”
  • A file dialog window will pop up and now you can select your .iso file here and click Open
  • Now, open your “My Computer”, you will see you have one more new “CD ROM drive”, double click on the new “CD ROM Drive” and you will see all the files within the .iso file
  • Once you finish using the .iso file, you need to Left CLick on the system tray Daemon Tools icon again and select “Unmount all drives”
  • Once unmount, you will not see any files in the new CD ROM Drive any more
  • If you doesn’t use Daemon Tools anymore, you can now “Set number of devices” to “disable” and quit the program

Open .iso file using Daemon Tools is a bit complicated but it’s very useful if you want those file to be run on a drive. For instance, there are some games need to read the game CD during games, so you can create a .iso image from the original CD and mount it using Daemon Tools. Next time when you play your game, you do not need to put in the CD anymore.

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72 Responses to “How to open .iso file on Ms Windows?”

  1. Craig Price says:

    I can’t access any of my .iso files using both programs when I try opening them it says they might be corrupted or unreadable.

    It says this to every .iso file i’ve tried !!!

  2. Jayaram says:

    Thanks a lot….really helpful…

  3. Manolis says:

    Thank you! worked fine!

  4. talha says:

    mate, that winrar technique was awesome… i just did a new install and had to install winrar anyways.. but needed to open this iso file. had i not read this, i would have had to unnecessarily install something like a daemon tool.. thanks heaps..

  5. Arif Latif says:

    Thanks Bro, It really helps (The winrar method) and I’ve learned a good tip.

  6. Ramsy says:

    Thanks, Your good techi guy

  7. neel says:

    god bless you and thanksssssss

  8. Prashantth says:


  9. hasan says:

    nice info… tq very much

  10. benjie says:

    thank you so much you are of great help!! two thumbs up!

  11. mehngar says:

    thanks a lot

  12. mohit says:

    thank you very much great..

  13. chua says:

    Hi Abhi, u can extract it to a folder and install from there.
    Some game need you to have the CD, then you may need to mount the iso thru a virtual cd drive
    then u need to follow the Daemon Tool method

  14. Abhi says:

    i have a game in iso format and i wanna play it in my pc is there any way to convert it?

  15. Mike says:

    Dude, thanks! I thought you had to burn an .iso to a disc, but felt like there had to be an easier way. Your site was the first hit in my Google search, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that WinRAR (which I already had) does it. Thanks again!

  16. rock says:

    hey thanks dude it really works the two methods ar first class bro thanks dude

  17. Hassan says:

    Thanks 🙂

  18. Nirjhor says:

    what is windows iso?

  19. Trevor says:

    okay…. once i extract all that comes out is the iso file this does not work…. help please

  20. Trevor says:

    hey Crash Marley, Dont detect it through winrar litterally drag the iso file into the already open winrar browser thats how i had to do it I hope that helps!

  21. Trevor says:

    Thanks for the tips!! I (and you can call me dumb lol) did no know that winrar could open iso so I was on a search for iso programs and was having a hell of a time.

    Your site is easily laid out with the info short and to the point!!

    Thanks, I’m opening an ISO file with winrar right now lets hope this works !!!

    Thanks again.

  22. Pisey Peng says:

    thanks i choose the method 1.


  23. Arman says:

    Tnx 🙂

  24. Crash Marlee says:

    Ok so i downloaded WinRar…Winrar detected the ISO file i am trying to open, so when i click on it, it doesnt open the software program that i downloaded, it opens up a bunch of smaller files and i dont know what to do from here. i downloaded a music-recording software program and cant get it to open dammit…help???

  25. chicho says:

    hi please help the iso that i dowload comes in zip and when i extract it it opens my nero burner please help

  26. RAMZAN says:

    its works…..

  27. Indy Jones says:

    Great post, thanks a bunch….worked like a charm. I downloaded mine from CNET…just nervous about spyware sometimes, but it worked flawlessley.

  28. Shin says:

    can’t download Winrar, can i use 7-zip instead? please reply, btw thanks a LOT for the info 🙂

  29. Rob says:

    The problem that im having is ive got the program it works great but when I make an ISO file its wierd I can install the program sometimes from the ISO but if the program needs to access the disk it requires me to put in the orignal CD or DVD it wont use the ISO file I made. I cant figure this one out??? Any help would be much appericated Thank you

  30. Aly says:


  31. Josh says:

    nice one

  32. chua says:

    hi Manu, if you see error while opening the file, i suspect the file you downloaded has been corrupted.
    redownload the file should be able to solve the problem (provided that the file hosted is not corrupted)

  33. Manu says:

    hi, with winrar the iso file is not opening its showing a error message stating the archive is either unknown format or damaged & with daemon tools its showing as windows cannot read this disc. the disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows. what to do now friend cause i have downloaded three iso files and all those files are showing the above error statements. please help me in this matter…

    Thank You…….

  34. Noman says:

    Here’s how I do it.

    Download Ubuntu, burn it to a CD-ROM, keep it in the tray.

    Go to start — > shutdown –> reboot.

    Boot into the live-cd and Install Ubuntu, completely wiping any trace of Windows.

    Never have to worry about this sort of problem again because GNU/Linux actually comes with built-in iso creating/opening functionality.

  35. Pak.Tawanan says:

    Thanks, I hope it will resolve all my problems. Terima kasi banjak

  36. Brant says:

    using Daemon Tools i go to open the new Cd-Drive and it says “The disk might be corrupted or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows” How can i fix this or get it to work?

  37. Fallen says:

    Thanks dude.. I installed daemon tools and don’t know how to use it.. LoL it helps a lot

  38. mastur cheef says:

    tyvm roflmfaool i forgot thta winrar cna open .iso lolololololol i r chief and my pal is te arbyter lolololololololol i has recon armer

  39. amf00769 says:

    A great help

  40. AK-Nashik says:

    Thanks Dude….that was really very simple….thanks a ton for help….

  41. Sam says:

    7-zip also works great as a free solution.

  42. $!d says:

    Thanks so much.. helped me a lot and saved my pc from burdening itself with one more app… god bless

  43. Alex says:

    that was extremely helpful, thank you very much

  44. Ren says:

    thanks a lot dude, very helpful. appreciate

  45. Inshall says:

    Thanks! I thought that i have to burn on DVD and then open it

  46. George says:

    I got a game in iso form on a dvd from a friend, but when I try to put it into my cd drive it wont recognize it. I tried to follow the directions but I can’t even get to where I can see the files, it just tells me there is nothing in the drive. Help?

  47. Jon says:

    Cheers mate, you’re a genius man, it’s was doin me head in for ages until i found your advice, cheers

  48. japan says:

    i need program like deamo do same work

  49. irvin says:

    Hi, i downloaded this video file, and its a .iso file. And when i tried playing it on windows media player, it works, but when i tried to move the video forward, it gets stuck and i have to close the programme. Is there a video player tht can play .iso files?

  50. Maria says:

    It works!!! Thank you!

  51. Q says:

    Thanks buddy! couldn’t realize winRaR could work!

  52. Alexander says:

    @Gabriel: Are you using WinRar or Daemon Tools? Using Daemon Tools simulates a disk being inside the computer, which should theoretically remove problems like those…if you are using Daemon Tools, though you might be best off actually mounting the .iso file to a real disk and then running from there.

  53. Gabriel says:

    Hi.. After i have installed the program, i’m able to see all the dfferent files in the folder. However udring the installation, it prompted me to insert disk..

    May i know how to fix this problem?

    THank you for the advice

  54. chua says:

    probably your file having some problem. if you download from torrent, make sure it’s not corrupted.
    wat file extension is warp in your iso file? wmv file?
    i suggest your extract your iso file to local folder then only open with your program.

  55. shie says:

    thank u for d info about winrar,but how come when I open it,it won’t play (windows media direct),I don’t know why its automatically attached to wmd,what should I do.pls help.tnsx

  56. Me says:

    Thank you!

  57. Hanu says:

    Kool Buddy.Thank You for your helping info.

  58. Lamery32 says:

    tae nyo gago. thank you for the info. putang ina nyo.

  59. sogua says:

    hi colleen, make sure u follow this step:-
    – Right click on the Daemon Tools icon at system tray and select “Virtual CD/DVD ROM” -> “Set number of devices” -> “1 drive”

    after this you should see an additional CD ROM drive at your my computer.

  60. colleen says:

    When I get to the step where you open “my Computer”, there is no “new CD ROM drive”. Did I do something wrong? Thank you in advance for all your help!

  61. Anuradha says:

    Was struggling. Thanku very much!

  62. SoGua says:

    hi francis, you downloaded the wrong file. just download the winrar from this link and install it. after that start your Winrar and drag ur .iso file into Winrar will do.

  63. FRANCIS PIERRE says:


    I downloaded a file without realizing that it was an .iso file. When I tried to open it, a pop-up asked to choose a program. I choose “Adobe” and it couldn’t open it. I tried Word. I ran into problems. I had 3 Word-files that I was working on at the time.

    The computer told me that it has to increase memory. When I tried to close all the opened windows all the web pages I was able to close them. But the 3 Word-files were giving me problem. Finally they closed down, but apparently they were not saved.

    When I tried to open them up they wouldn’t. I went online to Google looking for .iso hoping to find a way to recover those 3 Word-files. I ran into your article, downloaded the “Winrar”.

    I cannot understand how to make it work. When I tried to install it an MS-DOS window came asking me about a CD-ROM. I don’t understand what to do. Would you, please, help me.

    Thank you, in advance, for your help.

    Truly yours,

    Francis Pierre

  64. Pradeep says:

    Thank You, It was very helpful, i avoided downloading and installing anyother applications. 🙂

  65. Zack says:

    Wow! Thanks! I was completly stuck with Daeman tools untill now! You saved my ass!

  66. Diego says:

    Thanks, didn’t know you could use winrar…

  67. Heather says:

    Thanks! Never realized WinRar can extract ISOs.

  68. Mark Antony says:

    Thanks.. It was very helpful 🙂

  69. Tanner Welch says:

    OMG Thank you =D

  70. Kiran MN says:

    Thanks, Its been very helpful for us.

  71. Jack Smith says:

    Thanks for this!

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