How to stop faces scanning in Picasa 3

picasa, free photo album softwareJust wanted to stop the faces scanning in Picasa 3. This faces scanning seems never stop and slow down the computer. I think you should stop the faces scanning if you just installed Picasa 3 and you have a lot of photo pending to import into Picasa. Once you stop the faces scanning, you will see a large difference in the speed of import photo.

To stop faces scanning in Picasa 3, follow the steps below:


  • Start your Picasa 3
  • Click on Tools -> Options
    picasa stop faces scanning, stop face recognition
  • Click on “Name Tags” tab and uncheck the “Enable Face Detection” and “Enable Suggestion” and click “OK”
    picasa stop face scanning, picasa stop face recognition
  • Once done, you will see Picasa will stop faces scanning immediately

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