How to restart Finder in Mac OS X?

mac, appleIf your Finder hang or not responding, you will need to restart your Mac or restart Finder. Restart your Mac is not a good solution, so let’s learn the good way – restart Finder. Just a line of command and your Finder will be restarted. 🙂

To restart Finder in Mac OS X, follow the steps below:-


  • Open your terminal
  • Enter the command below and it will restart your Finder in Mac OS X
    kill -HUP `ps auxc | grep Finder | awk '{print $2}'`
  • Once you entered, you will see your Finder went missing and appear again and now it’s should be responding again

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7 Responses to “How to restart Finder in Mac OS X?”

  1. Kev Docherty says:

    I tried this a couple of time but it didn’t work. My finder was still unresponsive with all the unwanted windows still open.

    As a last resort, I tried again, then while it was trying to get the Finder to respond I relaunched Finder and a window popped up with do you want to relaunch will all previous windows open. Click on No and all was fixed.

    So thanks for the helpful advice guys

  2. Giorgia says:

    Thank you so much! My mac wouldn’t open almost anything, and now it works fine!

  3. LS says:

    Still hanging after the usb aborted connection with a usb-stick. Does not respond to this command in any way.

  4. Nupur says:

    That worked just fine !! Thanks !!

  5. steve says:

    joel, in lion, use launchpad to get to the utilities folder, or the same with stacks for snow leopard from the dock

  6. Joel Black says:

    Ok, so I know I’m missing something here, but how do I open terminal if I can’t open Finder?

  7. Qata says:

    I would say thank you, its work with me just fine.

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