N900: How to connect Wifi protected setup compliant Network

maemoRecently when i try to connect Wifi Network that has “WiFi protected setup complaint” (padlock with 2 keyholes), it prompt me to choose to Easy Setup (push a button from wifi station) or Pin Method (enter a pin). No matter which method i choose, all end up failed to connect even i have the password. After some googling, i finally found the solution.

n900 wifi protected setup complaint network

To connect to Wifi Protected Setup Complaint Network follow the steps below:-


  • First Go to your Menu -> Settings
  • Choose Internet Connections -> Click on “Connections” button and click “New”
  • Now you phone should be able to detect that network and add that Wifi protected setup complaint network from here.
  • Once done, try to connect to the network and you will see the network has a green tick icon now and you should be able to connect to it

Menu > Setting > Internet Connections > Connections > New then add back that wireless network thru the wizard

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  1. amna says:

    thank you soooo much.its workin nw 🙂

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