How to open .rar file in Mac OS X

how to open .rar in mac os x, open .rar mac, open rar mac os x, mac open rar, unrar open .rar file Mac newbie might wan to know how to open .rar in Mac OS X. I once look for ways to open .rar file in Mac OS X too. To open .rar file in Mac OS X you need to third party software help. By default Mac OS X doesnt come with tools that open .rar file (or might have that i do not know, correct me if i’m wrong)

To open .rar file in Mac OS X, follow the steps below:-


  • Open your browser, and go to UnRaR website and download a copy of UnRarX.
    * UnRarX is a freeware that is written by Eugene Roshal. Thanks Eugene!
  • Once downloaded, unpackage it and drag the UnRarX icon to your Application folder
  • Now you can start UnRarX to open any .rar file in Mac OS X

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7 Responses to “How to open .rar file in Mac OS X”

  1. Michael C says:

    It does not work!!! I downloaded UnRare but when I run the application it gives me a choice: “Extract to:” when I make a choice here, nothing happens. The window is empty.

    I’m attempting to download Internet Explorer onto my iMac. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Walt Sellers says:

    The good old freebie “Stuffit Expander” will do it.

  3. Daniel says:

    Only works on some files but lots it just says error

  4. Kerr says:

    Thanks so much! First useful site to open a .rar file!
    All the other sites were useless. 🙂

  5. Shayari says:

    I was always facing problem to open a .rar file .Now my problem hasbeen solved .Thank’s for this tip

  6. Chris says:

    you can try

    online software, nothing to download…works great for macs and linus

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