How to archive email in Ms Outlook

outlook archive email, archive email ms outlook A friend asked how to archive email in Ms Outlook. He wanted to archive his old email in Ms Outlook. Ms Outlook come with archive email function. You can archive your email to a different files and it will improve your outlook performance and at the same time it minimize the file corruption possibility.

To archive email in Ms Outlook, follow the steps below:-


  • Start your Ms Outlook, and click on File -> Archive (Archive Window will pop up)
  • You may select “Archive all folders according to their AutoArchive Settings” or “Archive this folder and all subfolders”, just select either one according to your preference.
  • Then select a date at the bottom “Archive items older than:” and Specify your location for your Archive file at “Archive file:”
  • Once everything done, click on “OK” button, Ms Outlook will start the archiving process, this process might take several minutes depends on the amount of email you are going to archive.
  • Once done, you will see a “Archive Folders” at your front “Folder list”. you will see the archive files here.

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2 Responses to “How to archive email in Ms Outlook”

  1. Derald says:

    1. Create a Category called Archive
    2. Create a Rule called Archive where the conditions are:
    a. Date sent is > 120 days (or whenever you want)
    b. Change status – Not Junk Email
    c. Set Category – Archive
    3. You can apply this rule to any of your email folders. It will mark all of the older emails as “Archive”.
    4. You can then export “By Category” your older emails to whichever format you wish. (I think OLM is fine.)

  2. bones says:

    I’ve never archived a single email in my whole life, when I don’t need the mail any longer I delet it, if the mail contains important information, which are essential for my daily life I back it up, but archiving mails for me this is like keeping all my old clothes although I know I’ll never wear them again (sorry, this is a bad example but I can’t think of another one know). Anyway to end this message, I use the lookeen backup manager to backup my mails in case someone is interested in the subject and still not confused by my message ^^

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