How to switch from 3D Dock to 2D in Mac OS X

mac, apple mac, apple computer, mac os xFor those who are using old Mac machine, you may want to disable or switch the 3D Dock to 2D to gain some speed enhancement. For those who are using latest machine, you might ask, does that really helps in speed? The answer is Yes! I’ve been using a very old Mac for the past 4 years. Disable all the eye candy features really help in speeding up your Mac machine especially those Mac with slow processor.

To disable 3D Dock in Mac OS X, follow the steps below:-


  • Open your Terminal
  • Copy and paste the command below and hit ‘return’
    defaults write no-glass -boolean YES

    * to revert back to 3D Dock change the ‘YES’ to ‘NO’

    killall Dock
  • Once the command is entered, you will see your Dock will be restarted into a 2D Dock.

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