WordPress: How to remove meta generator tag?

WordPress show ver no. in meta generator tag by default. You may remove the meta generator tag for security reason. It’s easy to remove meta generator tag in wordpress, just add a line to a line.

To remove meta generator tag in wordpress, follow the steps below:-


  • Login into your wordpress admin panel as administrator privilege
  • Go to Appearance -> Editor and click on the file functions.php
  • Go to the bottom of the page and add this line before the line with ?> and click Update
    remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');
  • if you do not have functions.php file, you may create one with the content below and upload to your theme folder:-
    <?php remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator'); ?>
  • Done, you have just removed meta generator tag in wordpress
  • Now clear your wordpress cache (if you have any) else you can visit your front page to verify the existence of meta generator tag

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6 Responses to “WordPress: How to remove meta generator tag?”

  1. RudolfB says:

    Thanks! Nice temporary solution.
    But it has one problem: the next time you update, that line is removed again. WordPress should offer a one click option to remove all version info. Version numbers also show in links to javascripts and css.
    I don’t mind if it says generator=WordPress, because it is dead easy to find out which cms it is anyway, but I object to the version numbers.

  2. Fanatic says:

    It works on WP 3.1.2

  3. chua says:

    hi, from wat i tested, this tricks still works on WordPress 3.10

  4. יחסי ציבור says:

    It stopped working in WP 3.0+

  5. flum says:

    Thanks for that tip! It was very easy and very helpful for removing the meta generator tag!

  6. dafl;a says:

    cool thanks

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