WordPress: add javascript event after widget save

wordpressI’m writing a widget that uses color picker, whenever widget save the color picker will went missing. if i can add an event after the widget saved, then this problem can be solved easily. This is mainly because of the ajax call that occurred during the widget save. However, i can’t find any reference from the WordPress documentation. God bless, there jQuery come with some handy function that can be used as a work around to solve this problem 🙂

To add an javascript event after widget save, follow the steps below:-


  1. Save code below into a js file and enqueue the js file from your widget constructor
    jQuery(document).ajaxSuccess(function(e, xhr, settings) {
      alert('my widget just saved');
      // you may put your own action here
  2. Now you may try to save your widget and you should see the alert pop up.

Happy coding 🙂

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