WordPress: How to create left sidebar template in TwentyEleven theme?

wordpressI’m modifying twentyeleven theme to have a left sidebar template for my page. By default twentyeleven have a sidebar template that showing the sidebar at the right column. To have a bit more choices for my new page, i would like to create a left sidebar template.

To create left sidebar template in WordPress TwentyEleven theme, follow the steps below:


  • Go to the twentyeleven theme folder and duplicate the file sidebar-page.php to a new filename sidebar-left-page.php (make sure your filename is exactly the same as this)
  • Now open this sidebar-left-page.php using text editor and change the “Template Name” to “Left Sidebar Template” and save it.
  • Now copy the content below and paste it at the end of functions.php file.

  • Once the file is saved. You may edit any of your page and you will see “Left Sidebar Template” as one of the option under “Page Attributes” -> “Template”.
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  • Try to select this “Left Sidebar Template” as the page template and save then do a preview and you should see the sidebar showing at the left column now!

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