How to upload file in Symfony 1.4

symfonyJust a note for myself on how to upload file in Symfony 1.4. This upload feature is a bit different compare to symfony 1.0. I’ve been using Symfony 1.0 for a long time and recently just switch to 1.4 and i found there’s a lot of changes.

To upload file in Symfony 1.4, follow the code below:-


  • The code below demonstrate a file upload function that only allow pdf file being uploaded.
    // MyForm.class.php
    $this->validatorSchema['attachment'] = new sfValidatorFile(array(
    	'required'   => false,
    	'path'       => sfConfig::get('sf_upload_dir'),
    	'mime_types' => array('application/pdf'),
    	), array('mime_types' => 'The file only accept pdf format.'));
    // action.class.php 
    $form->bind($request->getParameter($form->getName()), $request->getFiles($form->getName()));
    if ($form->isValid()) {
    	$file = $form->getValue('attachment_1');
    	$filename = 'attachment_'.sha1($file->getOriginalName());
    	$extension = $file->getExtension($file->getOriginalExtension());
    	$file->save(sfConfig::get('sf_upload_dir') . '/' . date('Ym') . '/' . $filename . $extension);

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