How to clear cache in Prestashop 1.6?

prestashopPrestashop use Smarty as it’s template engine and Smarty come with caching mechanism. If you are editing your template and you can’t see the changes even you refresh the page, then you can try to clear the template cache at Prestashop admin. BTW, Prestashop version 1.6 come with a handy clear cache button where you can easily clear the template cache by just clicking on the backend button. There is no need to manual delete all the cache thru FTP again!

To clear cache in Prestashop 1.6, follow the steps below:-


  • Login to admin panel
  • Go to “Advanced Parameters” -> “Performance”
    prestashop performance
  • Now click on the “Clear cache” button at the top right green header bar.
  • Once done, you can refresh your front page and you will find the cache has been cleared.

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