How to convert Youtube video to IPod / IPhone (mp4)

You can now save and convert youtube video for your IPod or IPhone. So you can watch youtube video on your IPod / IPhone even without any Internet Connection. Just follow the tutorial below and you’ll be able to convert youtube to your IPod.

To convert Youtube video to IPod thru website:-


  • Go to
  • Enter the Youtube video url (ex:
  • Choose “MP4 for IPod/PSP” at the “Convert to” drop box and click “Start” button
  • Just wait for the progress bar to reach 100% and it prompt you for download.

Since this website is very popular for people to convert Youtube video to IPod (mp4) format, someties the service might slow down or not accepting new url during the peak hour. If this is the case you can try the website below:-

  • Go to
  • Enter the Youtube video url (ex:
  • Under the download links, right click on the “Download” link which is “(video.mp4 – High Quality)” and choose “Save Link as” to download.

Second method to convert youtube video to ipod is using a standalone program:-

  • Download and install Free Youtube Ipod Video Converter from here
    * Only for Windows User
  • Enter the Youtube video url (ex:
  • Specify the output file location and choose “Apple IPod” for “Devices”
  • Click “Download and Convert”
  • Just wait for the operation to finish and your Youtube video will be convert to IPod format.
  • Once the IPod file (mp4) is ready, you can transfer it to your IPod for testing 🙂

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  2. excellentuk says:

    nice tool.
    but i am using strong>Brorsoft YouTube Converter which can help me to free download youtube videos and also help me to convert youtube videos to other formats i need,eg convert to mp4 to put on my iphone.

  3. chris says:

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