OpenOffice Calc worksheet tab went missing

open officeOne of my colig complaint his Open Office Calc Worksheet tab went missing. I’m not sure how he manage to hide the worksheet tab. But after some reading at Open Office forum, i found the solution to show the Calc Worksheet tab again.

This is how it looks when Worksheet tab is missing:-
openoffice calc worksheet tab missing

This is the normal view with worksheet tab visible:-
openoffice calc worksheet tab missing

If your Open Office Calc Worksheet Tab went missing, follow the steps below to enable it:-


  • Open a file in Open Office Calc
  • Window: Click on Tools -> Options -> Calc -> View
    Mac: Preferences -> Calc -> View
    openoffice calc worksheet tab missing
  • Tick the “Sheet Tabs” and click “OK” button
  • Now you should see your Worksheet Tab in your Open Office Calc.

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3 Responses to “OpenOffice Calc worksheet tab went missing”

  1. guest says:

    Thanks! I would not have guessed this toolbar is optional!

  2. happy now says:

    thanks! i was starting to get pissed that my tabs were missing. Thanks again!

  3. jimbobber says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’m not sure how I made my worksheet tabs disappear; it either had to do with my constantly resizing the window or I inadvertently hit whatever keystroke combination that makes it happen. In any event, in order to make this tip work, my sheet tabs selection already had a tick mark in it, so I first had to un-tick it and click OK, then re-tick it and re-click OK. Problem solved. Many thanks!

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