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Today i’m going to introduce you guys a free spyware cleaner. For those who are looking for a good free spyware cleaner, you reach the right place. If you never heard of Spybot – Search and Destroy then you should try out this free spyware cleaner – Spybot – Search and Destroy. I’ve been using this free spyware cleaner for more than 3 years and it’s really wipe out spyware as what commercial software does. Further more this free spyware cleaner program provides multi-language support, you can install different language translation to it.

What I like about this free spyware cleaner?

  • Frequent update of spyware / adsware database
  • immunize your system towards known spyware / adsware attack.
  • Light and easy to use.
  • It helps to clean web-usage tracks from your system!


Here is the feature list for this free spyware cleaner:-

  • Removal of adware and spyware
  • Removal of dialers
  • Removal of keyloggers
  • Removal of trojans and other baddies
  • Removal of usage tracks
  • User-extendable database
  • Backups of every removed problem
  • Permanent blocking of threatening ActiveX downloads
  • Permanent blocking of known tracking cookies for IE
  • Permanent blocking of threating downloads in IE
  • and many more … (Spybot full feature list)

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If you are new to free spyware cleaner, Spybot webiste provides some useful tutorial on how to use Spybot to scan for spyware.
Click here to visit the free spyware cleaner – Spybot tutorial page

Lastly, this free spyware cleaner program works in Ms Window Vista!
So, why wait here, grab yourself a copy of this free spyware cleaner program.
Click here to Spybot – Search and Destroy official website
Click here to download this free spyware cleaner program

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  1. John French says:


    I’ve stopped using Spybot as it was taking ages to scan and I was not getting any decent results. I use AVG Anti-PSyware 7.5 and Lavasoft 2007 Free. I seem to get good results with these, but ‘m always cleaning spyware off. What is a good realtime scanner to use?

    What do you suggest.

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