How to remove malware

Recently my friend computer got infected by virprotect. Everytime he start his computer, IE will popup to Besides, everytime he start his IE it will load first. He can’t stand the popup and ask me for help to solve the problem.
antispyware shield, how to remove antispyware sheild
After install the fake anti spyware program, you will see this balloon notification.

After i go thru his pc, i found that he just installed a new anti spyware program name AntiSpywareShield. I suspect this is a fake anti spyware program that install malware and trojan to your pc. After doing some research from here, i’ve prove that my statement is correct. AntiSpywareSheild is a fake anti spyware program. If you install it, your pc will be infected by trojan and malware.

antispyware shield, how to remove antispyware sheild
Screenshot for program auto start, when win xp start.

To remove follow the steps below:-


  • Download SmitfraudFix.exe from here
  • Once download, double click on the file SmitfraudFix.exe and select 1 and enter
    How to remove malware
    Wait until it finish it’s scan
  • After finish the scan, reboot your PC in Safe Mode

    To reboot in safe mode, just restart your PC in normal way and keep press F8 while your PC start (b4 window xp load). A menu will pop up and you choose to boot in Safe Mode (without Networking)

  • Once Window XP loaded in Safe Mode then double click on SmitfraudFix.exe again.
  • Select 2 and press Enter to clean those infected files.
    How to remove malware
  • During the cleaning process, you will be prompt “Do you want to clean the registry ?” and select Y(Yes) and press Enter
  • You might be prompt 2nd time for “Replace infected file ?“, select Y (Yes) and press Enter again to restore the clean system file.
  • Once the cleaning process finished, just reboot your PC again in normal way.
  • Now the malware and trojan has already removed. Your IE wont show again!

Thanks to joedanger for create such a great tools to remove malware!
Author website:

This tutorial involve third party tools to clean your PC. has no relationship with joedanger in anyway. So, use this tool at your own risk!

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53 Responses to “How to remove malware”

  1. Chin Hu says:

    Joedanger in NO WAY created this tool. He is a lying cheap idiot who claims to create it whereas S!ri was the one to make it.

    I don’t usually make ventures online, but it even states (on the homepage of S!ris Tool) that he is in no way connected with this tool.

    The French Developer S!ri created this tool and he’s the one who deserves this thanks.

  2. porto35 says:

    I believe that my computer was infected with malware even CA YAHOO antspyware could not detect anything. I used Vundofix, it scanned and found a lot of .dll need to be removed. After removing them, the Window keeps boosting and reboosting nonstop. I tried to boost my window XP in safe mode but it still keeping reboost nonstop. Please help

  3. albi3000 says:

    Dude , you r the fucking shit. Thanx a million

  4. LidiaM says:

    Thanks You!!!

    I’m fucked by this malware, and I now very happy 😀

  5. Stugg says:

    Fixed a family members computer using this tool. Great fix! Thank you very much.

  6. Billy says:

    Thanks! it worked great! Awesomtastic!

  7. viki says:

    It works, Thanks a lot.

  8. Spikehead777 says:

    Worked. The day it installed itself (today, 2/10/08), I also removed it.

  9. Rools Salxs says:

    I have BitDefender in my computer and I still get this virprotect malware. Your method is realy great. Thx a lot!!!

  10. Tina S says:

    This program was a lifesaver. Thanks so much!!!

  11. Angelo says:

    Thanks for the program. Worked in a few minutes. My McCafee detected it but could do nothing with it thanks again.

  12. lindywitch says:

    This bloody thing was driving me mad! I’m very grateful to you – thanks.

  13. Joe Sav says:

    Brilliant! Job well done son!

  14. Arturo says:

    😉 😉 Great instructions on removing nasty malware and anoying popup. I have norton and addaware software. norton was completely ineffective. addaware removed most of the virus but not the pop up. your instructions and little program are great. Thank you

  15. Prasad says:

    This worked very well. Thanks

  16. Sugarcane151 says:

    Great tool, keep up the good work! Thanks.

  17. Thanks worked a treat

  18. john says:

    it truly works……u guys are great….keep it up!!

  19. Doodlebugger says:

    Damn your good, just follow instructions and poof….virus protect is gone! Keep up the good work

  20. TUrtle says:

    Ok I removed the icon succesfully from my taskbar.
    However I feel there are still files from the program on my computer.
    Here is a site that explains how to remove some of the files that still may pose a threat to your pc.

  21. TUrtle says:

    Hmm it comes up as a security warning and takes me to a vrprotect site.
    When I run the program it brings up a black dos prompt.
    Then…nothing happens. I’ve tried running it in compatibility mode for 98 and now the program won’t open…

    It seems I have a new version of the same problem that was made as a precaution to this file. I got the program through a fake adult site that was claiming to install an activex object required to play a fake video…I couldn’t help myself because the video looked HOT and ….now I suffer for my lack of discipline…I knew it was a troublesome file but I dl’ed it anyways….Can someone please help!?

  22. nate says:

    U da man boyee! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Kristien says:

    Thanks so much for this fix. it worked prefectly

  24. Brendon in Savannah says:

    Great tip there. It worked well, and got rid of that stupid virprotect popup. FYI: I got scared for a few minutes, because my computer would not start after multiple attempts, after I finished running the file. I had to go to a restore point from before the cleaning, and it was all, good, spyware gone. Thanks again

  25. Jeff says:

    BIG UPS!

  26. Don in Seoul says:

    turning off the sound made it less annoying … but thanks to your info i was able to get rid of it finally… cudos

  27. Matt says:

    Thank you very much, i tried everything. I was hopeless so i just typed in google: ”how to remove virprotect” & again guys Thanks! this works great.

    greetings from holland.

  28. Gil says:

    Thanks! This solution made removing the virprotect bug easy. After spending too much for spyware software, that did not perform as advertised, it was a relief to get a quick, and easy solution. Thanks so much.

  29. Jason says:

    Thank you !!!! This worked for me. That Virporotect was really getting on my nerves! Thank you very much.

  30. gizmolang says:

    The method worked wonders for my computer got rid of virprotect and im sure its working quicker then it did before i got that virus many thanks

  31. rahul says:

    When I double click on Smitfraudfix,the c prompt window says”reboot.exe file missing……unzip all the archive in a folder,wat should I do now?

  32. Bruno says:

    Thanks a lot

    It worked very well

  33. Assy McGee says:

    Works great, thanks for the solution to my problem.

  34. SSTRM says:

    Thank you very much! this program helped me a lot!! I don’t have any spyware now!! ^^

  35. dornz says:

    Thanks to joedanger for create such a great tools to remove malware!

  36. Jesse says:

    yup. it worked well. thanks a ton 🙂

  37. chua says:

    lef: u need to choose 3 then press F8 again. Your case is just the same as howard

  38. Shelly says:

    Thanks alot for such a great tool! It took me a few minutes to get pass the password protected SAFE MODE and then BAM it was fixed. You guys ROCK!

  39. lef says:

    I have tryed to reboot in safe mode, when i restart my PC in normal way and keep press F8(F9) while my PC start (b4 window xp load). A menu pop up and give me 3 different choises

    1 DVD
    2 USB
    3 Hard drive

    Now mather what i choose it just starts as normal. I don`t get to choose to boot in Safe Mode (without Networking)

    What do i do?

  40. Michael says:

    Thanks heaps to joedanger for the absolutely wonderful tool. Took just on 5 minutes to fix.

  41. Simpson says:

    Thank you very much for this solution, it works great 🙂 Finaly a way to get rid of this annoying thing.

    Happy new year^^

  42. Rafael (Chile) says:

    Thanks a lot and a happy 2008 !!

    It took me 5 minutes to remove it.

  43. LaSBiggs says:

    My high priced virus scan detected this thing as a threat but could not stop it from installing and changing my registry even after denying this program access to my computer. This thing went so far as to create a whole new user with permissions that made it difficult to remove without removing a majority of the permissions for other users. After that, my virus scan no longer saw it as a threat. It didn’t even recognize any malware, adware, virus, trojan, nothing that this thing leaves.

    Thanks for doing what the others could not do for free!

    You are a God sent.

  44. Tony says:

    100% of eficacity, I remove virprotect icone of my toolbar.
    Thanks alot

  45. Jacky Andersen says:

    I infected this malware 3 weeks ago and can not remove it. Thank for your method that help me to remove it. Thank again and Happy New Year.

  46. Onil Mallari says:

    Hi, I managed to remove the security alert that always appearing in the taskbar using this utility. It’s a great tool.

    Thanks a lot…

  47. Christian says:

    Thank you. Works great.

  48. Unknovn says:

    Awesome. this litle program fixed my virprotect problem. just read the guide and do what it says. done in 15 minutes or less. and the best part. its free!

    thx alot

  49. chua says:

    howard: select ST380811AS then press F8 again to get the safe mode selection window. you should be able to get the safe mode selection screen no worry

  50. howard says:

    when i press F8 ,it show as below:

    pls select boot device
    1st Floppy Drive
    Lite-on CD-ROM Lin-5291s

    pls give a hand ,thanks

  51. howard says:

    my pc also infect by this malware ,and the best is when i do as your mothod ,i cannot reboost my computer to safe mode.when i press F8, it did not show the normal selection,but has a similar to build the system.
    how can i do this ?thanks truely.

  52. Justin says:

    Thanks, this repair worked well, and wiped out that troublesome spyware.

  53. tariq says:

    smitfraudfix works 100%. thax to introduce such a nice software. i was really fed up by shit virprotect.exe.

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