How to empty Trash in Roundcube web mail – CPanel?

roundcubeThere is a friend asking me how to empty Trash in Roundcube web mail (CPanel webmail). He seems cant find a button to empty trash in Roundcube webmail after his web hosting provider perform a system update. I also notice the empty trash button is hidding somewhere with the latest version of Roundcube webmail in CPanel. Anyway, i manage to find the button after several clicks.

To empty Trash from Roundcube web mail in CPanel, follow the steps below:-


  • Login to your Roundcube webmail
  • Once you are in Roundcube webmail, click on Trash folder at your left navigation to make sure your Trash folder is being highlighted.
  • Click on the “Option *” Button at the bottom of the navigation and select “Empty”
    empty trash roundcube
  • Done! Your Trash folder should be empty by now.

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