How to create Table of Contents in LibreOffice

libreoffice, libre officeJust found out you don’t need to type Table of Contents in LibreOffice word by word. With just few click, a complete Table of Content will be created easily. I only found out this few hours ago when i’m preparing a documentation using LibreOffice. As i seldom use word processing software, this tricks really save me a lot of time 🙂

libreoffice table of contents

To create Table of Contents in LibreOffice, follow the steps below:-


  • Open the file that you want to create table of content in LibreOffice
  • Move your cursor to the place you wish to create the Table of Content
  • Click on Insert -> Indexes and Tables -> Indexes and Tables
    libreoffice table of contents command, table of content
  • Select “Table of Content” in the Type box and Choose the Options you want and Click “OK”
  • Done. You should see a Table of Contents being created
  • If you added some new content to the document, you might want to update the Table Of Contents manually. Right Click on the Table of Content and Choose “Update Index/Table”
    libreoffice update table of contents, libre office table of contents

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  1. p riehl says:

    This is such a useless article that you would do us all well to simply delete it.

  2. Buster says:

    Doesn’t work unless you have set Outline Numbering with a style that’ll allow for hyperlinks.

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