How to convert Keynote (.key) to Power Point (ppt)

keynote, mac keynoteFor Mac Keynote user to share their slide with Power Point user, you need to convert the keynote to Power Point. Luckily, Keynote come with the conversion feature that allow export the file to power point, pdf, quick time, flash, images and others. Just few clicks away, your keynote file will be easily converted to Power Point.

To convert Keynote (.key) to Power Point file follow the steps below:-


  • Open your Keynote file and click on “File” -> “Export”
  • Click on “PowerPoint” tab and click “Next” button then select your file location and click “Export” button”.
    convert keynote to powerpoint, convert keynote to power point file
  • Just wait for your keynote file to be converted to powerpoint file and done!
  • Now you double click on your exported Power Point file and it should be open by Microsoft Power Point

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6 Responses to “How to convert Keynote (.key) to Power Point (ppt)”

  1. Stanislav says:

    Apple have a hard problem with export from Keynote (.key) to Power Point (ppt). All video disappears, graphics with animation disappear.
    Apple could not cope with the export of the simplest things.

  2. Aria says:

    I have .key (keynote presentation) which is +80MB and i want to convert it to powerpoint unfortunatily i have no access to Mac Os and its platforms to convert it, how can I watch it? could you possibly help me please?


  3. Wade Lovell says:

    Apparently, groups are not supported for Powerpoint files being converted from Keynote.
    Therefore, every Keynote slide that contains group is not converted.
    The operational workaround is this:
    Ungroup all the groups in your keynote file (alt+cmd+shift+G) and your slides should be converted properly.

  4. Mark says:

    Apple is too busy to create more “brain-erasing” game shit, they have no time to produce something of value to the business world anymore.

    Not a problem.

    With the new generation only knowing how to play games, soon this wouldn’t be needed anymore anyway!

    Apple? You suck! You suck so badly that I rather go back to Windows again. Least I have some tools that work and can be shared and “really converted” to some quality other formats! If I were you I’d just scrap iWOrks completely. It’s a total waste, the biggest failure in IT history!

  5. EllieRunner says:

    ME TOO LEO!!! So frustrating, I want to work on my mac at home and send it to my PC…. Please someone help us!

  6. Leo says:

    when i do this, i can’t open the exported file
    it says that part of the file is missing

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