How to reduce admin generator query in Symfony 1.4

symfonyAfter reading symfony 1.4 doc, i manage to reduce admin generator query to a lower number. If u notice, there is very high number of query for admin generator module in table that has many relationship. Luckily, Symfony 1.4 has built a way for us reduce the query easily.

To reduce the admin generator query in symfony 1.4, follow the steps below:-


  • Assuming you are trying to select staff details and left join staff_profiles and jobs table for full details. Now, create the function below in your action.class.php file:-
    public function buildQuery() {
        return parent::buildQuery()
                   ->leftJoin('r.StaffProfile as p ON r.staff_id =')
                   ->leftJoin('r.Job as j ON r.staff_id =');
  • Now you refresh the page and you should see the number of query has been reduced.

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2 Responses to “How to reduce admin generator query in Symfony 1.4”

  1. chua says:

    actually the way above is a lazy shortcut way :p
    table_method is a good way to customize your own query
    thanks Fizyk for pointing out 🙂

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