How to hide apache2 version number in error page

apache, apache2 web serverIt’s good to hide the apache2 version number from outsider. Especially hiding apache2 version number in all the error pages. Hackers used to collect all this information before they launch any attack. If you running an old version server that known to have security exploit then it will ease the work for hackers.

To hide apache2 version number in error pages, follow the steps below:-


  • ssh to your server with root privilege
  • Edit your httpd.conf or apache2.conf file. Normally it’s located at /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
  • Look for
    ServerSignature On
    ServerTokens full


    ServerSignature Off
    ServerTokens Prod
  • After edit the file, restart your apache for it to take effect.
    service httpd restart

Now your apache2 version number will not be shown in common error pages.

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