Open Office: How to change page layout to landscape

open office, open office logoGot ask by user on how to change page layout to landscape in Open Office. After some testing, found the way to change page layout to landscape in Open Office.

To change the page layout from Portrait to Landscape, follow the steps below:-


  • Click on “Format” -> “Page”
  • A Page Style window will pop up and now click on the ‘Page’ tab
    open office, change page layout to landscape, page layout landscape
  • Here, you should see Portrait and Landscape option within the window, just choose your preference and click “OK”
  • Done, you just change the page layout to landscape

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5 Responses to “Open Office: How to change page layout to landscape”

  1. Effie says:

    Straight to the point, thanks!

  2. Mary B says:

    Nevermind! I finally found it under Format>Page!
    Thanks anyway!

  3. Mary B says:


    I have OpenOffice 3 and what you suggest only works in the Spreadsheet part.
    How do you do this in the Text Document part?

    When I use the Help section it says

    To change a document’s page orientation:

    Open the document.

    Do one of the following:

    Choose File > Page Setup. Choose Page Attributes from the Settings pop-up menu, and then choose Any Printer from the Format For pop-up menu. Choosing Any Printer ensures that your document can print on any printer that supports the paper size you select.

    If Page Setup is not available, choose File > Print. If the Print dialog contains only two pop-up menus and some buttons across the bottom, click the disclosure triangle beside the Printer pop-up menu.

    Click the Orientation button that matches the way you want your document to print.

    This also does not work since i haven’t typed up a page yet. I need to set the boundaries first so I can see if what i have will fit the page. Help!

  4. chua says:

    hi peter, preview with one or two page doesnt really matters. as long as it shows what you have set then it’s ok.

  5. Peter says:

    I have OpenOffice 2.0. What are the details for LANDSCAPING. I don’t know if I’m doing this correctly. When I preview my page, I get two individual side by side pages. Is this correct? Or should the preview show ONE PAGE that has the two pages side by side within it?


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