How to enhance and increase battery life for N900

Most Nokia N900 user facing short battery life like me. All of us is trying to enhance and increase the battery life for N900. After some testing, i manage to increase my N900 battery life. Just change few settings and u’ll be able to increase the N900 battery life.

To enhance and increase the battery life for Nokia N900, follow the steps below:


  • Do not use Dual Network mode. Select only 3G or GSM mode. In Dual network mode your phone will keep scanning for the available the network. Constant scanning consume a lot of power.
    Go to Settings -> Phone -> Network Mode
    Select only 3G or GSM mode only
  • Disable Wifi Connection with Wifi Switcher when you do not use it. Wifi Connection consume a lot of battery. Disable it when you do not use it and it will save you lots of battery!
    Go to App Manager -> Download -> All -> Wifi Switcher

    To use Wifi Switcher after install, tab on the Battery icon and the Wifi Switcher will show in the drop down menu

  • Disable unused Widget. Most widget perform periodic action (every 5 / 10 min) to fetch latest data and hence it cost power!
  • Disable Desktop View that you do not use.
    - Click on anywhere on your desktop and Settings button will appear at the top right corner.
    - Click on the Settings button -> Desktop Menu -> Manage View -> uncheck the view that you do not use
  • Do not use any monitoring tools (eg. Battery eye, Battery Graph, etc). These tools collect data (perform I/O read write that consume power) periodically (every few minutes) at the background. Uninstall it and u’ll notice a longer battery life!

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3 Responses to “How to enhance and increase battery life for N900”

  1. maxime says:

    Hi, apparently that is the case (hearsay, not tested). Anyway I installed a nifty application that allows me to switch between 2g, 3g and dual mode manually via the menu. It’s called “3g/2g/dual mode selection applet”.

  2. chua says:

    hmmm good question, i havent tried that yet 🙂
    if u tested let me know. cuz i’m using GPRS and so far everything seems good.

  3. maxime says:

    Hi, what are the downsides of turning off dual mode? No connection when out of reach of a 3g network?

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