Linux: How to mount iso image file

how to mount iso image, linux, linux mount iso image, linux mount isoThese few days i’m playing around with Xen Hypervisors. Downloaded CentOS 5 iso image, Fedora 7 iso image and Debian iso image. So to avoid wasting too much CD to burn these image, linux provide a way to mount these iso image file and let you access the files in the iso image instantly.

Below is the way to mount iso image file:-


  • Before you start to mount your iso image, you need to ensure the folder /mnt/isoimage is available, if /mnt/isoimage is not available just create one using command below:-

    #mkdir /mnt/isoimage

  • Once isoimage directory is available, you can use the command below to mount your iso image

    # mount -o loop -t iso9660 centos-5.0.iso /mnt/isoimage/

  • You just mount your iso image file to /mnt/isoimage successfully. To access your iso image files, go to /mnt/isoimage

Once you finish using your files, below is the way to unmount your iso image:-

# umount /mnt/isoimage

Happy mounting!

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    its good for me to start managing my server.

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