How to move Firefox tab bar to bottom

firefox, firefox 4If you don’t like the new Firefox 4/5 tab bar located at the top, you can move Firefox tab bar to bottom within a few clicks. I personally like the tab bar to be at bottom. This is just personal preference 🙂

To move Firefox tab bar to bottom, follow the steps below:-


  • Start your Firefox 4 or 5
  • Right Click on the tab bar and you will see “Tabs on Top” is ticked
    firefox tab bar bottom, firefox move tab bar bottom
  • Now click on the “Tabs on Tap” to untick it and you will see the Firefox tab bar being move to bottom immediately!

Happy surfing!

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4 Responses to “How to move Firefox tab bar to bottom”

  1. Ilya says:

    Thanks! Just a small suggestion: instead of right-clicking on the tab bar (which is indeed easy to confuse with clicking on a tab), it is easier to left-click in the main menu View -> Toolbars. Same options, but easier to find, IMHO. 🙂

  2. chua says:

    Thanks ander for your advice 🙂

  3. ander says:

    Thanks! BTW, you say “Right-click on the tab bar…” Many people might interpret that as “Right-click a tab…” You actually have to right-click an EMPTY place on the tab bar. And it’s not really a “bar” at all—at least not a visible one. (It’s where the tabs appear, but most people perceive tabs as being part of the pages whose titles they show.)

    It may be clearer to say, “Right-click the empty space to the right of your open tab(s).”

    Cheers, ander

  4. Jack says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Since I upgraded to 5.0 the tabs were above the toolbar. What a confusing mess that way. Thanks again!

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