How to import Google Calendar to Zimbra Calendar

zimbra emailRecently we need to migrate my Google Calendar to Zimbra Calendar. Since Google Calendar provide export capabilities, it easy the migration work. After some research, i found the way to import of Google Calendar to Zimbra and it is not that difficult as what i think. Furthermore, this can be done easily by end user too. This will be a time saver for me :p

* The tutorial below is based on Zimbra version 6.0.7.

To import Google Calendar to Zimbra Calendar, follow the steps below:-


  • First you need to Export your Google calendar.
  • Then login to your Zimbra click on “Preferences” tab -> “Import / Export” (from the left navigation bar)
  • At the “Import” section, Select the calendar file that you just exported from Google Calendar for the “File” input
  • At the “Destination”, select the calendar that you wish to import your data to.
  • Now click on “Import” button and wait. (this process might take few minutes depending on your calendar size).
  • Once the import done, Zimbra will prompt you for confirmation. and you will see all your Google Calendar in your Zimbra calendar now!

Notes: i face some problem after importing my google calendar to zimbra. Some event doesnt show up in Zimbra. I have to remove the imported calendar and redo the import again and it fix everything.

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