How to clear Thunderbird IMAP Cache

thunderbirdYou might want to clear Thunderbird IMAP cache due to some reason. I just tried to clear my Thunderbird cache due to some privacy issue as it cache my email content on the public machine. To prevent Thunderbird from auto cache all your the IMAP email at your local machine, you need to disable the sync option for your IMAP account.

To clear Thunderbird IMAP cache, follow the steps below:-


  • First, start your Thunderbird
  • Go to Tools -> Account Settings -> Select “Server Settings”
  • Highlight and Copy “Local Directory” path
  • Close your Thunderbird now.
  • Paste the path to Window Explorer, now you should see a list of files.
  • Highlight all the file EXCEPT msgFilterRules.dat and delete all.
  • Now start your Thunderbird again, your IMAP cache should be removed by now.

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3 Responses to “How to clear Thunderbird IMAP Cache”

  1. akuardit says:

    this work in windows 7 64bit ….thx

  2. rocketman221 says:

    On Linux go to ~/.thunderbird/{ProfileName}/ImapMail
    There you will find the imap folders “” for example.
    The profile names are a bunch of random characters then the profile name.

    You could “cd ~/.thunderbird/*.default/ImapMail” to go to the default profile.

  3. Markus says:

    this doesn’t work with TB on Linux plattform… How can I delete the IMAP-cache on Linux with TB 3.5?


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