Avast Anti Virus – Free Anti Virus software

avast anti virus, free anti virus software, avast 4 home edition free, download free anti virusI would like to share a FREE anti virus software with u all. It’s Avast Anti Virus! Avast Anti Virus is free for home use.

So far I think Avast anti virus covers most of the area, ex: frequent virus definition update (almost daily), anti virus program automatic update, dos mode full system scan, email scanning, web shield, p2p shield and etc. In term of resources, Avast anti virus take more a bit more resources compare to AVG anti virus.

Here is the 7 types of protection avast! 4 Home Edition FREE anti virus software provides:-


1. Standard Shield
2. Web Shield
3. P2P Shield
4. Network Shield
5. Internet Mail
6. Outlook / Exchange
7. Instant Messaging

You can customize the sensitivity level Normal, High and Custom.

It’s worth to mention the Web Shield feature in Avast Anti virus. Since we use to surf web everyday, this Web Shield feature becomes very useful especially when you went to some websites that automatically install virus in your pc without your knowledge. At this time, Avast anti virus web shield will activate and alert you about the virus it try to install in your pc.

Besides, here is another personal experience. The first week i installed Avast anti virus, one of my colleague plug her laptop into our office network right beside me. 5 seconds later, my avast anti virus gave me a warning message! “Warning a virus has been detected…” When i check the virus details, it shows there is a worms trying to attack my computer thru the network and tat worms is coming from my collegue Laptop tat just plug into the network. Avast anti virus is so amazing!

Download avast! 4 Home Edition FREE at Avast.com

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14 Responses to “Avast Anti Virus – Free Anti Virus software”

  1. manish says:

    its a effective antivirus

  2. chua says:

    mike: visit this http://www.avast.com/eng/download-avast-home.html and download the version tat support ur window.

  3. mike babatunde says:

    i have been trying to download free avast anti-virus to be loaded on my computer but to no avail. please help

  4. v.s.tidke says:

    it is the best virusprotector

  5. Ellen says:

    I still use the free stuff, right now Avast and will be installing Sunbelt Personal Firewall. Before, I had AVG and ZoneAlarm, then ZA went buggy so I installed Comodo. It’s fine until something goes wrong. I am fairly computer savvy, and I thought Comodo had way too much to configure. Hate to break it to everyone, but free anti-virus programs like AVG only catch mid-level threats. The really bad stuff, it lets through. I ended up with bit_Sasser installed directly into Windows — and I don’t even look at porn nor do I download stuff! AVG, ZA, Comodo missed that. AVG never picked it up in the system scans. The only way I could tell that something was wrong was when Comodo stopped Windows from downloading automatic updates. Then I realized that the virus/worm probably tricked the firewall. I really hope Avast will do better, but talking to IT people, I think you really do get what you pay for. The recommended suite is Symantec Norton 2008 Internet Security Suite. It’s a firewall and anti-virus, and will run really well for you if you have at least 516MB RAM. I have less than that, so until I upgrade the RAM, it would slow down my computer.

  6. sharon says:

    hi, cant find a free virus protection that does what it says it does,and as im a novice on the computor i need one for me can u help thanks

  7. sogua says:

    claire patoine: Avast anti virus come with French translation. Please make sure u install french translation during the Avast installation process, and it should show french character for the application. Or else you can contact Avast at http://www.avast.com

  8. j’aimerais savoir s’il y a un moyen de communiquer avec un de vos bureau car je voulais acheter un anti-virus et j’ai fait un erreur j’étais sur le site anglais et j’ai acheter a la place pour downloader de la musique ce qui ne fait pas du tout mon affaire s.v.p. une réponse

    merci claire patoine

  9. […] Avast anti virus provide schedule boot scan before window start. if your PC got infected by virus, try to run a schedule boot scan before window start. This is to make sure the virus can’t load itself into the system memory while window start. […]

  10. Wahlau.NET says:

    i would prefer avg over avast…but free is always good

  11. Oscar Singh says:

    I’ve used Avast for a couple of years now; never seemed to have any issues. This does update itself almost daily, so i would have thought that it would be able to prevent most attacks (if not all).

  12. Douglas says:

    FYI, AVS cannot run in Vista

  13. chua says:

    Oh really? So far it seems no problem for me.

    I’ll try to install AVS to scan thru my pc,
    will let u know the result.


    BTW, i’ve downloaded AVS but it cant be installed cuz the installation file corrupted at the server side 🙁

  14. Douglas says:

    Avast antivirus home edition is the super suck antivirus program, you don’t know your windows is affected by virus one, if you try others antivirus program to scan your windows, you will find out that there are many worm, trojan and spyware if you are the guy that download BT frequently.

    If you want a free and good antivirus, I suggest AVS (Active Virus Shield), this antivirus program was given from AOL, it’s using Kaspersky engine.

    If you install Avast in your windows, remove it and try to install AVS, you will find out that they are so much worm, trojan and virus in your comp.

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