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Free Sticky Notes Software for Windows – StickyPad


free sticky notes software, sticky padStickyPad is an easy-to-use utility that let you to place sticky notes (post it notes) on the screen of your PC. This free sticky notes software allow you to write notes for yourself, set appointment and meeting reminders, keep an eye on a to-do list, and lots more. You can also print your notes, paste into other applications, or even email to your team.

Notes can also be set as translucent and can float above other windows attached with your system, so that you can have a look on your notes while working on some other tasks. Even when you log out and login back, your notes are still there kept safely by the StickyPad. Just try it once and I am pretty sure that you won’t even want to work without the StickyPad program.

The latest version of StickyPad comes with a huge collection of new features, like shortcut keys, to enable you to write sticky notes without even using the mouse, and serves as a great time-saver utility for the keyboard jockeys. The new versions also embedded with an efficient help system in case you need some troubleshooting / help.

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How to hide .svn folders in Eclipse or Aptana


By default, eclipse and Aptana, didn’t hide .svn folders in the project listing. Follow the steps below to hide the .svn folder in Eclipse and Aptana:-

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Avast Anti Virus – Free Anti Virus software


avast anti virus, free anti virus software, avast 4 home edition free, download free anti virusI would like to share a FREE anti virus software with u all. It’s Avast Anti Virus! Avast Anti Virus is free for home use.

So far I think Avast anti virus covers most of the area, ex: frequent virus definition update (almost daily), anti virus program automatic update, dos mode full system scan, email scanning, web shield, p2p shield and etc. In term of resources, Avast anti virus take more a bit more resources compare to AVG anti virus.

Here is the 7 types of protection avast! 4 Home Edition FREE anti virus software provides:-

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