2 Responses to “How to setup auto login in Microsoft Window XP?”

  1. Kao says:

    i always thought it was a pain in the rear to mess with the registry, not out of fear of damaging anything really, just too archaic.

    Download TweakUI from Microsoft and you can have Auto-Login working in less than 5 minutes with no worries about disappearing accounts either.

  2. Security Goat says:

    Hey i tried this a while back, i was sick of having to click on my login icon to get into windows, i wanted to be able to turn the computer on come back 5 minutes later and be inside windows.

    This worked wonderfully, until i went to install new software and had to run them as Administrator, I couldn’t log on as administrator, as the account had mysteriously been deactivated.

    Great if you know what your doing, but a pain if you do it wrong!

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