Five (5) Best Interactive Coding Learning Websites

Gone are the days when only programmers such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates could master coding and programming languages. According to website where you can find pre written papers, today, the existence of online programming websites and guides provides many people with the same opportunity to learn and understand coding online. Today people do not have to spend large amount of money on expensive training classes in order to learn programming related activities such as web development and web design. This article will examine some of the best interactive websites for individuals to lean coding online.

1. Codecademy
Codecademy is one of the most prominent websites when it comes to interactive teaching. Codecademy has well-structured courses as well as user-friendly interface that enable users to adapt easily with the sessions provided in the website. Codecademy offer wide variety of coding services including Web Fundamentals, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, Ruby, Python, and APIs. Upon visiting their main page, you will notice motivating on-screen console that enables you start tasting their programming courses right away.



2. Treehouse provides individuals such as students with the easiest and fastest ways to code, start a business, and make apps. Besides, one can get tutorials for various coding courses such as CSS, Ruby, HTML, Python, iOS, JavaScript, and even more. The courses provided by are more project-oriented, meaning that the courses are perfect for programmers planning to engage in professional activities such as building an application or a website. However, learners must pay a monthly subscription fee 25 dollars in order to access the courses offered by by paying this subscription fee, learners are able to access very interactive courses with more than 650 videos that help facilitate code learning.


3. Code Avengers
Although they only offer CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript, Code Avengers has become one of the most interactive sites that offer coding lessons. Each of the courses offered in the site are designed creatively to entertain learners while acquiring their programming skills. Beginners often find this site very interactive because it has user-friendly interface and simplified courses that facilitate comprehensive and effective learning. Besides, the website has gradual but highly targeted approach towards interactive coding learning that makes it easier for learners to gain wide experiences in the field of coding.


4. Code School
Although it offer progressive courses for learners that have completed basic courses, still ranks as one of the most interactive coding learning websites thanks to its in-detail courses that easily turn learners into experts. Besides, Code School teaches learners with various video lessons, screencasts, and coding challenges, which enable students to learn coding interactively. The six key paths in which Code School courses are categorized include JavaScript, Ruby, HTML/CSS, Git, iOS, and Electives.


5. CodeHS
CodeHS is one of the best when it comes to interactive coding learning thanks simple and entertaining programming courses. This website present the best way for students to learning coding at school or at home. Some of the courses offered by CodeHS often come with very interactive learning techniques such as problem-solving, animation, JavaScript tutorials, and puzzle challenges, as well as video tutorials, which help learners acquire programming skills faster.


In conclusion, these five coding websites can provide every learner with the opportunity to acquire basic programming skills as well as sharpen their programming skills. Therefore, student interested in coding learning should not hesitate to visit these sites.

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