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  1. Chelle says:

    QUOTE: TRUE — BUT — GMAIL will NOT let you post to YAHOOGROUPS! I have six yahoogroups and set up a bunch of gmail email addys, and THEN found out after-the-fact that all my emails I sent to MY OWN YAHOOGROUPS using Gmail get RETURNED as “UNDELIVERABLE.”

    What a nightmare. Thanks Google! ;-/

    RESPONSE: I own/moderate 30+ yahoogroups and I also have 28 (yes, 28!) Gmail accounts and a majority are used for YahooGroups. Be assured that Gmail works VERY nicely with Yahoogroups. If you got an “undeliverable” rejection, it could be for a number of things, including the fact that you might have misspelled the group name, or posted to a group that is not allowed to have posts by list members (only owners/mods can post) or some other reason. It could also be that the Yahoo servers “glitched” and the error was on their side, not yours.

  2. Ben Olmsted says:

    I’ve found that pop.mail.yahoo.com.hk works for incoming mail, but what is the outgoing mail server for yahoo.com.hk? smtp.mail.yahoo.com.hk doesn’t work.

  3. Ice says:

    I tried WebMail, but it’s for Thunderbird 2, and not compatible with Thunderbird 3.

  4. Cristian says:

    You can use Thunerbird 3 with extensions: Webmail and Webmail – Yahoo
    See: http://webmail.mozdev.org

  5. robert roehm says:

    If you have not converted all your Yahoo addresses to the free POP3 facility, you are out of luck. You will get a “Not For Sale” error if you pasted in the URL.

    I just reactivated an old mail address for a new eBay account and I get way too little mail to warrant $20 a year.

    YPOPsEmail is dead, so what can I use now?

  6. che2nk says:

    great…this work for me…
    i create yahoo mail SG and succesfully
    i setting in OE and i can access my yahoo mail in OE.
    thank you very much.

  7. Gmail vs. YahooMail says:

    AJ wrote: “…gmail has all sorts of facilities providing, why the users still want to use yahoo. there are more facilities in gmail.”

    TRUE — BUT — GMAIL will NOT let you post to YAHOOGROUPS! I have six yahoogroups and set up a bunch of gmail email addys, and THEN found out after-the-fact that all my emails I sent to MY OWN YAHOOGROUPS using Gmail get RETURNED as “UNDELIVERABLE.”

    What a nightmare. Thanks Google! ;-/

  8. kp says:

    did not work for me… i had an existing yahoo account… signed up for the yahoo deliver but i do not see the option as described above…

    can you please help…

  9. Maynard says:

    I just opened up an Asian Yahoo account after trying the latest revision of ypops.

    Ypops had a lot of probs with Outlook, though it worked with another e-mail application called Eudora. So yup, sadly, it looks like Ypops is a gonner. Also opened up a second Gmail account as an insurance. Gmail account names are getting scarce. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is already a black market in popular names.

    The Asian Yahoo was easy to set up, very easy; and you don’t have to go to the second URL to set the POP access on. You can do that through the internal options once you are logged in to the new account. There is no silly questionnaire if you do it that way.

    Gmail is much faster than Yahoo US, but the Asian Yahoo account is just as fast as Gmail which is bizarre considering its a few thousand miles away. Or is it? My guess is that if you use an Asian Yahoo account in the US then the server is US based. Hong Kong or Singapore will just redirect after logon. Makes sense.

    Gmail with access from your mobile, the speed, the IMAP instead of POP, has to be the way to go. Just many folks know my old Yahoo addresses!

  10. Karsten says:

    Steer clear of ypops – one of its programmers left, and the program is DOOMED and WILL go under, despite the author’s claims.

    I’ll cough up the $20 for POP3 access. I don’t want to, but I hve no choice. Changing the region ALSO changes your email address. Since I have biz cards with a yahoo.com address on them , five of them for five job types, I am set back $100 a year.

  11. sogua says:

    A J: because Yahoo have it’s paid service called Yahoo Mail Plus! if Yahoo provide free POP3 then it will hurt their Yahoo Mail Plus! user and hurt their own profit.

  12. A J says:

    Why yahoo US is not providing free pop3 access. gmail has all sorts of facilities providing, why the users still want to use yahoo. there are more facilities in gmail.

  13. Gungistoker says:

    Eric, YPOPs is not a service. It is a tool specifically used to send your Yahoo email directly to your PC’s POP3 email application (Outlook Express, Winmail, etc). If Yahoo didn’t charge for this basic ‘service’, YPOPs wouldn’t exist. But it does what it’s designed to do very well, ah, most of the time.


  14. Michael says:

    YPOPs! :: Free POP3/SMTP Access to Yahoo! Mail really doesn’t work very well, or consistently.

  15. Eric says:

    About ypopsemail.com — what a stupid service that you have a download tool for, and then you can ONLY use pop3 with that tool. Thanks but no thanks.

  16. ATOzTOA says:

    For Yahoo US, you can use YPops. It is a free tool to use POP3 with Yahoo!

    Try : ypopsemail.com


  17. sogua says:

    ramit: i dun think there is anyway to restore. normally yahoo will delete those email permanently if you do not keep your account active for certain period of time.

  18. Ramit says:

    How can i restrore my deleated mails …that are 3-4 years ago..is there any chance to do so?

    please tell me….

  19. chua says:

    Hi SpArKo, thanks for ur visit.
    I’m not sure y Yahoo do not allow pop access for yahoo.com email.
    but one of the reason might be they are selling their Yahoo Mail Plus where you can enable your pop3 access for your yahoo.com domain.
    So i think they just want to provide more feature for the Yahoo Mail Plus user.

  20. SpArKo says:

    Hi, thanx for all the info here. I’ve still a query left.. i’ve two yahoo IDs one on domain yahoo.com and other on yahoo.co.in .. The problem is that in yahoo.co.in ID i’m gettin the option to enable POP access but why not in the yahoo.com ID? Its quite an old registration. I dont think i’ll be able to come check up here, can anyone reply me at my ID i_hate_love44@yahoo.co.in? Thank u

  21. George says:

    Cheers! All my mates are gonna be so angry because they have paid for it!

  22. Ronald says:

    thanks.. i’v got yahoo pop3 mail now 😉
    its juz that.. when i download the mail, it deletes my mail on yahoo. how can i set it to archive it like in gmail ??


  23. RANJEET says:

    now i have a Yahoo! plus account for free

  24. RANJEET says:

    doesn’t work for me

  25. […] Jul 18th, 2007 by Josh As you know, I’m a big fan of Thunderbird, but I’ve been trying to use Gmail lately. I like the idea of being able to receive all of my email in one place so I don’t have to go to separate websites to get all of my email. I have an account from Yahoo, Gmail, college, and one on this site. I use Ypops when accessing my email in Thunderbird because I don’t want to have to pay for pop access in Yahoo. I think it is ridiculous to have to pay for pop access when apparently Yahoo India, Singapore, Hong Kong, and some others give it out for free. […]

  26. Kolpotoru says:

    I have yahoo mail account for a long time and i was wanting to have a
    pop3 account after reading this page now i have my yahoo web mail account & pop3 account. Thanks.

  27. Ronald says:

    anyone has d settings for using POP3 mail of yahoo ?? coz i juz register at yahoo UK 😉


  28. chua says:

    Thanks prophul for sharing the info 🙂

    I’ll update the list

  29. praphul says:

    Hi, even Yahoo India and UK offer the POP3 service for free. I guess all other markets than USA of Yahoo offer the POP3.

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