How to perform email compact in Outlook 2007

outlook, outlook 2007,Outlook 2007 start up slow? Try to perform email compact to your Outlook 2007. Once the email compact is done, you will see performance improvement in Outlook 2007 most of the time. In general, email compact is an operation to remove deleted messages from your email data file and make your email data file smaller and avoid any corruption.

To perform compact in Outlook 2007, follow the steps below:-


  • Click on “File” -> “Data File Management”
    compact folder outlook 2007, compact outlook 2007
  • Select your Personal Folder and click “Settings”
    compact folder outlook 2007, compact outlook 2007
  • Under the “General” tab, click on “Compact” button and wait until the compact process finish and done!
    compact folder outlook 2007, compact outlook 2007

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2 Responses to “How to perform email compact in Outlook 2007”

  1. chua says:

    Hi david,
    It’s quite risky to stop the compact process while it’s running. If u force it to stop it might have corrupt all the emails.

    I can give u temp solution here. You may want to let him to access his email thru webmail.
    if there is no webmail, then maybe setup another email client (eg. Thunderbird) with POP3 and REMEMBER TO leave the message in the server.

    Once the compact completed, use outlook to download all the messages again.

    Hope this help

  2. David Chilcote says:

    I am helping a friend with his Outlook 2007. He has used this email system for years as his database and his pst file was 24GB! You can only imagine how slowly the system began to work. We deleted all the deleteds and archived the entire system from 2011 backwards. I then did a full back up of the current PST and we started a manual compact session, which has been going on for two full days and nights. He’s getting restless and needs to get back into his email. If we stop the compact process, will the gains be maintained? The PST has gone from 24 GB to 16.5 at this point. What is the danger of stopping the compact process so he can check his mail and then restarting it?


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