How to backup svn server

linuxJust notice i didnt do any backup on my svn server. To ensure continuity, I need to teach my colig on how to backup the svn server. To make things more simple, i’ve written a script to backup my svn server everynight. But here, i’ll show u the basic of how to backup svn server.

To backup svn server, follow the steps below:


  • First, login to your svn server
  • Enter the command below to backup your svn repo:-
    svnadmin dump /path/to/reponame > /path/to/reponame.svndump
  • If your svn repo is too large, you can use gzip to compress it during the backup. Try the command below:-
    svnadmin dump /path/to/reponame | gzip > reponame.svndump.gz
  • To extract gzip file, use the command below:-
    gunzip reponame.svndump.gz

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3 Responses to “How to backup svn server”

  1. atti says:


    Thank you for this tuto. I have a question about the svn. How can I locate the path of the svn if I want to do the backup?

    Thank you if you can help me.

  2. chua says:

    Hi rupali, u can refer to this post
    reinstall server is similar to migration.
    just follow the steps and it should help u to solve the problem.

  3. rupali says:

    I want to format my svn server for that i want to take backup of my all repositories & when i build my svn server again i want to restore that repositories on the svn server again.please help me in this problem

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