CentOS 7: How to setup TUI Firewall settings?

centos-logoFor clean minimum CentOS 7 installation, have to manually install the system-config-firewall-tui. Bad news is that after you install this TUI firewall settings you still can’t execute it instantly, you need to do a little bit more in order for system-config-firewall-tui to be executable.


To setup TUI Firewall settings in CentOS 7, follow the steps below:-


  • First go to your terminal and install the system-config-firewall-tui thru yum:-
    yum install system-config-firewall-tui
  • Once the installation done, run this 2 command :-
    systemctl stop firewalld.service
    systemctl disable firewalld.service
  • Now you can start the TUI firewall settings using command below:-

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