How to extract .deb file in Linux / Mac

debianNeed to extract a .deb file at my linux box. After few search i found some way on how to extract .deb file. Here i document down the solution that work best for me. FYI, .deb file is a standard Unix ar archive file and be use in the Debian software package file. So, you will see .deb file often if you are using Debian or Ubuntu. However, due to some reason you might need to extract the deb file and here’s the way.

To extract .deb file in Linux, follow the steps below:-


  • Start your terminal and enter the command below to extract the .deb file
    ar vx filename.deb
  • Once you extract the .deb file, you will see 2 folder “usr” and “var”. You may view all their files from the two folders.

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  1. Mac User says:

    Require xcode installed to use this on mac…

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